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Netflix's terrifying horror series Marianne is leaving viewers 'scared for their lives'

Netflix's terrifying horror series Marianne is leaving viewers 'scared for their lives'

This one isn't for the easily frightened.

Horror fans are absolutely raving about Netflix's horror series Marianne - even though it's leaving them 'scared for their lives'.

This series is definitely one for people who are looking for the fright of their life - so if you get nightmares easily, look away now:

Marianne originally ran for one season on Netflix back in 2019, but in the years since, viewers haven't been able to find anything nearly as frightening.

The French series tells the story of a famous horror writer named Emma, who is lured back to her hometown, only to discover that the evil spirit, who used to plague her dreams 15 years ago, is now wreaking havoc in the real world.

Despite its international success when it was first released, Marianne was cancelled after one season since, according to the show's creator, not enough people watched it to justify a second season.

But, all of a sudden, the nightmare-fuel of a TV series is making a sort of comeback on Netflix among viewers.

Anyone who has been brave enough to give the show a try has been left quivering in fear, unable to soothe themselves to sleep - and that's a good thing as far as horror fans are concerned.

Have you been brave enough to watch Marianne?

"Just finished watching Marianne on Netflix and it's the scariest thing I've ever watched in my whole fcking life," one petrified fan wrote.

Another raved: "Horror fans: I’m definitely late… but, I just watched Marianne on Netflix and it was GOOD! Some parts were a little dorky but the series provided some good scary moments. It’s worth checking out the first few eps to see if you like it."

A third Twitter user, who was left reeling after tuning in, tweeted: "Just finished the first episode of #Netflix’s Marianne and I am scared for my life. Good start!"


"The scariest show/anything I’ve ever seen in my life was Marianne on Netflix," confirmed a fourth.

And a fifth admitted that they had 'never been more frightened in my life'.

So, that's that confirmed. This thing is absolutely terrifying.

Fans who have tuned in are absolutely terrified.

Thankfully, the series doesn't really need a second season, with a full stand-alone story within the eight-episodes.

But the creator Samuel Bodin did have plans for two more seasons.

"At the time, I really wanted to do three seasons. The story in my head takes three seasons, three acts for me. Three big chapters," Bodin told Bloody Disgusting.

Who knows? If enough people enjoy losing a good night's sleep, maybe we'll eventually see the those final two acts come to life.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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