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Netflix viewers are just realising two Ginny & Georgia stars are related

Netflix viewers are just realising two Ginny & Georgia stars are related

Okay, this is so cute!

For Ginny and Georgia, blood runs thicker than water and, no matter what goes down, the mother-daughter duo will be there for each other.

But did you know that two of the show's characters have an even thicker family bond?

They might not be as close as Ginny and Georgia on-screen, but off-screen they're like brother and sister because, well, that's what they are!

I'm talking about Raymond Ablack, who plays Joe, and Rebecca Ablack, who plays Padma.

I know, I know, the surname sort of gives it away, but a lot of Ginny & Georgia fans are just making this connection for the first time.

It all first came to light back in 2021, when the G&G cast wrapped season one and Raymond took to Instagram for the grand reveal.

Sharing a photo of him hugging his sister, he wrote: "It's not lost on me how impossible the odds were and how lucky I was to have shared a dream with my sister. Feeling grateful #ginnyandgeorgia."

This was when it first dawned on fans that these two really were brother and sister.

But, now that season two is finished, more fans are just now making this groundbreaking discovery.

"I had a feeling it wasn't just a coincidence," commented one fan after finding out.

"The whole time watching the show I kept saying she looked a lot like him, I swear that could be his sister. Guess I was right," wrote a second.

"Omg! Never realised but now they are next to each other the resemblance is uncanny!! Same nose, same smile! How lovely for them to work together," penned a third.

And a fourth added: "I had no idea that was his sister but makes perfect sense. Their scenes together seemed a little more comfortable than other pairs of similar age differences."

This little factoid is especially cute for fans who might remember one particular scene from season two when Ginny and Padma have a discussion about Joe.

Raymond and Rebecca Ablack in Ginny and Georgia.

In the scene, Ginny asks Padma if she thinks Joe is hot, to which Padma responds that he's like a 'dorky older brother'.

Is that not the cutest?

Ginny & Georgia returned to Netflix for a highly anticipated season two earlier this month, with a whole ten brand new episodes.

The events of the second series pick up just a couple of weeks after the first, which ends with Ginny leaving with her brother after learning her mother murdered her ex-husband.

The new season has been a resounding success, but there's still no word yet on whether fans can expect a third season.

We're crossing all our fingers and toes!

Until then, is it too soon for a season two rewatch?

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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