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Netflix Users In A Frenzy After Spotting Brand New Feature On Streaming Platform

Netflix Users In A Frenzy After Spotting Brand New Feature On Streaming Platform

And it’s about time, too.

As much as we love a cosy evening in front of Netflix, we do have a few bugbears with the platform – one being the ‘Continue Watching’ section.

There is nothing more annoying than checking your ‘Continue Watching’ list to find that great new programme you were really getting in to, only to have to wade through the hundreds of films and TV series you started watching, and then quit five minutes in.

The continue watching tab on Netflix is so annoying (

We used to be unable to alter our Continue Watching list…until Netflix decided to intervene.

The streaming giant has now given all users the ability to manually remove items from their list.

Having first been tested on Android devices nearly two years ago, Netflix has gradually rolled out the option on a larger scale, before making it available to all subscribers on any device.

And it looks like other Netflix users are as thrilled about this change as we are.

More time chilling, less time scrolling (

Taking to Twitter, one streaming fanatic wrote “Can I get a hallelujah? Can I get an amen?” in response to the good news.

A second said: “The future may be uncertain, and the end always near, but focus on the positive. Netflix has now added the option to remove shows and movies from your continue watching list.”

“OMG, I just learned @netflix finally released an update that gives you the ability to REMOVE shows you'll never finish from your 'Continue Watching' feed! Thank You!” responded one grateful fan.

There's plenty of Netflix to sink your teeth in to (

“Netflix gives the option to “remove from continue watch list” and thank the lord cause some of that stuff be wack I just be watching everything!!” said a fourth.

In other Netflix news, fans have been left enthralled by the latest true crime doc, The Tinder Swindler.

The show follows the crimes of Simon Leviev, who conned numerous women into living his lavish lifestyle.

You can read more about this stranger than fiction story here.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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