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Tinder Swindler Viewers Shocked By Con Man's 'Wild' Prison Sentence

Tinder Swindler Viewers Shocked By Con Man's 'Wild' Prison Sentence

Simon Leviev conned numerous women to fund his lavish lifestyle.

Fans have been left aghast at Netflix’s latest true crime doc, The Tinder Swindler.

You can watch the trailer below.

The series follows Simon Leviev, an Israeli man who changed his name so it sounded as if he was related to a famed (and hugely rich) diamond oligarch.

He wowed his Tinder matches with grand and impressive dates including dinners in the best restaurants, private flights all over the world, and his extensive wardrobe of designer gear.

Insisting he worked in the busy diamond industry, Simon was constantly ‘travelling’ for business, meaning the relationships he pursued were long distance.

Simon adopted a new identity (

But Simon’s web of lies served as the ideal ruse for him to commit his romance frauds. After dating a woman for a short while, he’d explain that he was in danger, send videos of his ‘bodyguard’ bleeding, and tell his girlfriend that he needed to use a credit card in someone else’s name so he couldn’t be tracked.

His girlfriends sent credit cards, took out loans and lines of credit, and even flew suitcases of withdrawn cash to him, expecting the billionaire to be able to pay him back.

However, Simon was using each woman’s money to fund his next date, leaving his previous lover penniless and alone.

Simon was caught in 2019 after he was found using a fake passport in Greece, seeing him extradited to Israel.

Simon was arrested in 2019 (

And after he was convicted of theft, fraud, and forgery of documents in Israel, Simon received a hefty fine…of 15 months in prison

Fans took to Twitter to express their horror that Simon received such a lax sentence for all the crimes he committed.

“He definitely deserves prison and to pay the money back,” one person wrote.

“How the hell is this Simon (fill in last name) FRAUD, not in prison?” said a second.

To make matters worse, Simon [insert surname here] did not even serve his full jail sentence.

People couldn't believe how lax Simon's sentence is (

He only served five months behind bars, before earning an early release – despite having thought to have defrauded his victims out of over $10 million.

"It’s pretty wild the guy committing the frauds came out on top. 10 mill for only 5 months in prison? I take that 10 out of 10 times,” one stunned user tweeted.

Simon came out with a minimal prison sentence (

“Like, you mean to tell me Simon got these women for MILLIONS and only got 5 months in prison and is currently making a killing selling scammer classes?!?” a second said, aghast.

“The most unsatisfying ending to a documentary. This man needs PRISON,” agreed a third.

“That pos Simon only got 5 months in prison for everything he did?!!! Now he’s free to continue his corruption!” agreed a fourth.

You can watch the full shocking tale of the Tinder Swindler on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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