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Naked Attraction Star Who Left After Seeing Naked Women Is Still A Virgin

Naked Attraction Star Who Left After Seeing Naked Women Is Still A Virgin

Brian walked off the dating show that matches couples based on naked attraction alone.

Naked Attraction is a popular reality show where the premise is very much in the title: contestants strip down to pick a partner based on naked attraction alone.

While getting naked on national TV definitely isn't for everyone, the last type of person you'd expect to appear would be a virgin, but this actually happened back in 2020. Watch below:

Brian Chau Rodriguez, 23, explained that he was a virgin when he appeared on the show, but when confronted with multiple naked women, he said he 'needed a moment' and left.

While producers tried to reassure him, he ultimately decided he didn't want to continue the process of picking a partner based on naked attraction.

Now, the former contestant has revealed that two years later, he is still a virgin, but he's 'absolutely fine' with it.

He told the Daily Star: "On the love front, nothing's really changed, I am still a virgin, but that's absolutely fine."

While he is still single, he is 'not fussed' about finding a partner any time soon.

"I just want to wait and see what happens and I'm sure it'll happen with who I think is the right person," he said.

Brian, who also appeared on Dress to Impress, said that he primarily decided to apply for reality TV shows as he wanted to get out of his comfort zone and 'have a bit of fun'.

"The reason why I applied for these shows, certainly Dress To Impress to begin with, was firstly, I wanted to have a bit of fun but secondly because I wanted to find love," he explained.

"I wanted to experience something new and I did because it's opened me up to different opportunities. I loved having these experiences and it was worth taking the risk."

Brian now wants his own TV shows.
Channel 4 / Naked Attraction

Brian, who is also a wine connoisseur, explained that he'd love to have his own TV shows one day and producers have already suggested it.

He explained: "I do intend at some point to make my own programmes. I've had a few producers approach me about it."

However, if you're hoping to see more of his dating exploits, then I'm afraid that he has very different plans in mind for his own hypothetical show.

He explained that he wants to make 'cultural programmes' that involve him 'going round to different countries and exploring different food and, of course, wine."

"I'd like to make more quality television of my own with a really good team around me," he said.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4 / Naked Attraction

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