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Naked Attraction Viewers Left Speechless Over Oldest Ever Contestant's Explicit Piercing

Naked Attraction Viewers Left Speechless Over Oldest Ever Contestant's Explicit Piercing

We weren't expecting that...

Naked Attraction viewers were lost for words on Wednesday night when they saw what 75-year-old contestant Ian was hiding under his kilt.

The cult Channel 4 dating series aired a 'best bits' episode this week, reminding fans of the oldest participant they had ever had on the show, who took everyone by surprise when he stripped down to reveal quite a few explicit piercings.

Watch the moment here:

Before exposing himself, Ian told presenter Anna Richardson that was was looking for a partner following his wife's passing.

Ian also shared that he was interested in both men and women, having had his first gay experience at 70 years old.

After narrowing down a selection of nude contestants to find a potential date, Ian stripped off to reveal he had a number of rather rude piercings.

Anna - and viewers at home - were left open-mouthed when Ian revealed that he had a Prince Albert piercing, two piercings on each nipple, and even a guiche piercing (a piercing on the skin between the anus and the genitals, if you were curious).

Naked Attraction viewers were speechless when Ian exposed himself. (
Channel 4)

He had explained beforehand: "I had 17 piercings at one time. I have six now."

After getting a good look at Ian's piercings, viewers took to Twitter to discuss.

One shocked Naked Attraction fan posted: "IAN WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO YOUR WILLY?!?! #nakedattraction".

Another tweeted: "I’m actually crying laughing at this episode of #nakedattraction and 75-year-old Ian and his giant c**k ring."

And a third wrote: "F**king hell Ian that's making me wince #nakedattraction".

Ian revealed he had a number of rather explicit piercings. (
Channel 4)

Others were eager to commend Ian for so boldly taking part in the naughty Channel 4 series in the first place.

One posted: "70+ Ian on #nakedattraction is a refreshing change, and a bit of a surprise."

A second tweeted: "Honestly can’t get over the #nakedattraction episode with Ian. Wow."


A third Twitter user wrote: "10/10 would die for Ian on Naked Attraction #nakedattraction"

And a fourth raved: "Watching #nakedattraction now, loving Ian who is 75 and exploring his bisexuality. What a legend! You go out there and live mate!"

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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