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Naked Attraction Viewers Baffled By Contestant's 'Animal Noise' Fetish

Naked Attraction Viewers Baffled By Contestant's 'Animal Noise' Fetish

We wish we never saw this...

Naked Attraction viewers are losing it after having to watch contestants make a series of wild animal noises on the Channel 4 show this week.

The naked contestants were doing their best to impress Oliver, a yoga lover with 'positive vibes' who has never had a girlfriend.

After telling presenter Anna Richardson that he had a fetish for making animal noises, Oliver got the remaining girls to give it their best go. Watch their attempts here.

Oliver had viewers home cringing when he told Anna: "I like to pretend I'm in the woods and make owl noises."

When one of the contestants gave her best wolf howl, Oliver gushed: "If I heard that, it would make me think of a wolf calling me to mate."

While Oliver eventually managed to bag a date with Georgina, viewers at home were not impressed with his antics.

Oliver raised plenty of eyebrows on the show. (
Channel 4)

Reacting to the bizarre episode, one viewer took to Twitter to write: "Oliver is on another level 😂".

Another joked: "There's a lot of t*ts on this show, but Oliver is the biggest one of all."


A third sarcastically added: "I'm starting to see why Oliver with his animal noises and sage stick has so far been unlucky in love 🙄🤔."

And a fourth asked: "Is this how young people date these days, just doing animal noises at one another #nakedattraction."

"No! No more animal noises please #NakedAttraction" begged a fifth.

Contestants made their best animal sounds for Oliver. (
Channel 4)

Last week, viewers were left gobsmacked once again when a contestant used some foul language after being eliminated from the series.

When Nameya was tasked with choosing a date out of the contestants standing stark naked in front of her, she decided to send Leon home. And he wasn't exactly thrilled about it.

Viewers are convinced that Nameya made the right decision after hearing the words that came out of Leon's mouth.

You can read more about that story here.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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