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Married At First Sight UK: Everyone Is Saying The Same Thing About Alexis And Megan's 'Truce'

Married At First Sight UK: Everyone Is Saying The Same Thing About Alexis And Megan's 'Truce'

The pair came face to face for the first time after *that* commitment ceremony.

Married at First Sight viewers couldn't stop praising Alexis Economou and Megan Wolfe during Tuesday's episode, after the pair put their differences aside following last week's dramatic commitment ceremony.

MAFS fans will know that during the explosive episode, it was revealed that Megan had kissed Alexis' husband Jordon, behind Alexis' back.

Although Jordon and Alexis were struggling to form a connection in their marriage, Alexis was not happy when she found out what had happened.

Megan and Alexis put their differences aside (

Although Alexis and Jordon chose to leave the experiment, this week, Alexis returned to the show with Ant, who had previously been married to Nikita.

After meeting with the experts, the pair were allowed to continue in the process as a dating couple, which meant Alexis and Megan came face to face for the first time since the infidelity was revealed.

"Obviously the way it came out, it's not how I wanted it to, it was really difficult," said Megan.

Meanwhile Alexis explained: "I would so much have preferred if you had told me, rather than him tell me... If you had told me we could have just been like 'f**k you'!

"There's no grudge there... I'm over it, we move on."

Megan admitted to kissing Jordon last week (

And viewers are so pleased for Alexis and Megan, with many taking to Twitter to praise them for putting their differences aside. One wrote: "Alexis is such a girls girl.. she has handled the issue with Megan so elegantly."

And another said: "Alexis is a trooper for forgiving Megan."

And a third added: "Well done Alexis, very nicely done."

Meanwhile another said they were happy they "handled it that way".

Ant and Alexis had a spark (

Tuesday's episode saw Alexis and Ant rejoin the experiment, surprising the couples at the second dinner party of the series. Meanwhile, at the end of the ep, Megan and Bob even shared a kiss!

It's not all good news however, after a preview to Wednesday's episode revealed Marilyse and Franky could be on the rocks after Marilyse admitted she wanted 'some space'.

Hmmm, we wonder what's in store for these two?

MAFS UK continues Monday-Thursday at 9pm on E4.

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