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People are saying MAFSUK is 'officially better' than Love Island following last night's episode

People are saying MAFSUK is 'officially better' than Love Island following last night's episode

People are hooked already!

Just one episode into the new series, Married At First Sight UK is off to a flying start with fans already raving that it's better than Love Island.

When the new season premiered on E4 on Monday night, 29 August, it wasn't long before viewers were hooked, forming emotional connections with some contestants, and raising eyebrows at others.

For those unfamiliar, MAFS UK takes single men and women looking for love and pairs them up, based on compatibility with the help of their on-hand relationship experts.

The new couples then meet for the first time at the altar, where they exchange vows and tie the knot.

Which couples will make it?

After they say their 'I do's', the MAFS couples will be tested by their fellow brides and grooms at weekly dinner parties, and by the relationship experts at regular commitment ceremonies.

Eventually, when the series finale rolls around, the remaining couples will decide whether they want to stay together and make their unconventional marriage work, or go their separate ways. No wonder it's sucking so many viewers in already!

While tuned in to the first episode of the season on Monday night, viewers took to social media to live-tweet about the drama – which kicked off almost immediately.

The fiery exchanges and awkward wedding ceremonies drew fans in straight away, with some going as far as to say that the series was already better than the 2022 season of ITV's Love Island.

Viewers are already seriously impressed with the new reality series.

"Married At First Sight UK is officially better than Love Island 2022 all together... and we're only 10 mins in," tweeted one impressed viewer.

Another predicted, after just one episode, that MAFS was 'going to be an amazing series'.

After catching a teaser clip for Tuesday night's episode, a third fan commented: "Omfg I thought that was dramatic but tomorrow looks just as good. I am already hooked I am already OBSESSED."

Things got off to a rocky start last night, when bride Whitney was introduced to her groom Duka.

When they met for the first time at the top of the aisle, in front of their friends and family, Whitney made it abundantly clear that she wasn't happy with her husband-to-be.

Speaking to Duka at the altar, Whitney boldly told him: "I’m in between maybe saying the vows, or maybe, just like, run."

Whitney wasn't impressed with Duka.

She later added: "This is the worst thing I’ve ever done in my f***ing life."

Both viewers at home and Duka's family sitting in the pews were furious at Whitney's outrageous comments, but Duka put on a brave face, and seemed determined to make their new marriage work.

Meanwhile, people are already rooting for Jordan and Chanita, who also got hitched in Monday night's episode.

The couple immediately hit it off when they met at the top of the aisle, forming an instant connection with one another.

Will either of these couples make it to the series finale, or are they just not meant to be?

MAFS UK continues tonight at 9.00pm on E4.

Featured Image Credit: E4

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