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Love Island's Tasha unfollows Jacques on social media after Remi's bullying claims

Love Island's Tasha unfollows Jacques on social media after Remi's bullying claims

Jacques O'Neill was also accused of bullying Tasha Ghouri in the wake of Love Island.

Love Island's Tasha Ghouri has unfollowed her fellow islander Jacques O'Neill after he was accused of bullying Remi Lambert.

The controversial contestant was also recently slammed for mocking Tasha's emotional speech to boyfriend Andrew Le Page in the finale. Watch below:

The backlash on social media was so extreme that Tasha's dad Tarek weighed in on the footage of Jacques, writing: "Some people grow and mature from their Island experience, some don't. It is what it is."

Now, Jacques - who has said that he wants to be an advocate for neurodivergent people - and Luca have been accused of mocking Remi Lambert.

The bombshell made the revelations after a social media conversation between Jacques and Luca.

An account pretending to be the dumped Islander asked: "What have you boys been saying about me and my rapping?"

Jacques replied: "It's really, really good, you should turn pro."

Remi said that it was just one example of the bullying he endured in the villa and that he now wants justice.

Remi claimed he had unaired arguments with Jacques.

He wrote as part of a lengthy Instagram post: "I wish everyone could see all of the crap I went through. There's 24 hours in a day and yous only seen like about 3-5 10 second clips of me out of the whole day, so you could never tell what was truly happening.

"Jacques said bad things about my appearance and the way I speak, whilst Luca was encouraging it. After about 3 strikes from Jacques I told him I won't be speaking to him anymore in the villa. Later on he tried apologising to me but like 10 minutes after he started with the snide comments again. I've tried to avoid this guy multiple times but he always ends up starting again. I don't know when it will stop."

Remi continued: "Worst person to represent mental health and ADHD campaigns. He’s still out here mocking not just me but other islanders too. You’d think with such a big platform they would use it to promote peace, but they're using it to troll and they're loving the attention. Immature.

"These guys are not role models or good people. They have not once thought about my mental health. If I wasn't so strong minded I could've done something stupid to myself by now, but they don't care at all.

"I want justice."

Tasha then appeared to unfollow Jacques as a result of the post, which she liked, and this did not go unnoticed by fans on social media.

One wrote: "tasha unfollowing jacques and liking remi’s post calling him and luca out… WE LOVE TO SEE IT! [sic]"

"The fact that she's unfollowed him but still follows the girl her boyf got with and 'sucked her t*t or whatever' speaks VOLUMES," added a second.

"TASHAAAAA!!!! Thrive goddess, thrive," wrote a third, as a fourth remarked: "MY GIRL IS LIVING HER LIFE AND I AM HERE FOR IT."

Meanwhile, some fans thought that Tasha should have also unfollowed Luca, with one writing: "She should unfollow Luca as well, he gave her the hardest time there bullying her [sic]."

Tyla has reached out to representatives of Tasha and Jacques for comment.

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