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Love Island's Hugo Hammond Responds To Claims He 'Joked' About Sharon Gaffka Spiking

Love Island's Hugo Hammond Responds To Claims He 'Joked' About Sharon Gaffka Spiking

After Sharon revealed that the pair were no longer friends, she made some disturbing allegations.

Former Love Island contestant Hugo Hammond has spoken out after his co-star Sharon Gaffka accused him of making a joke about her drink being spiked.

The allegation was made in a recent interview where Shannon opened up about why she and her co-star are no longer friends. Watch below:

Explaining why she 'cut him off really abruptly', Sharon said that it all went down when she and her friends went to a London club instead of to a sports bar for a Love Island contestant's birthday.

Hugo went on to call her a 'basic b**ch', so she FaceTimed him and 'he made jokes about me getting spiked'.

The former contestant claimed that Hugo likely doesn't remember making the jokes as he was intoxicated at the time.

Shannon then revealed 'there was other stuff going on like inappropriate touching which he also probably doesn't remember'.

Sharon and Hugo on Love Island.
ITV / Love Island

Now, Hugo has hit back at the allegations via a note written on his iPhone, explaining that he is 'pretty upset' that she's taken her grievances to social media 'knowing full well what that can do'.

He wrote: "Firstly, spiking is not a topic I use within my jokes nor do I find funny, it's horrific to be honest.

"I wouldn't joke about someone being spiked, it's just not who I am, friend or not."

The former contestant continued: "The wild comment made around inappropriate touching is outrageous and simply false, to say something like this is seriously damaging and paints an unfair picture of me.

"You cannot just throw that sort of language around."

Hugo and Sharon appeared on the 2021 edition of Love Island.

Despite some viewers accusing him of only going on the show for a 'free holiday', in his exit interview, Hugo insisted that he went on the show in a bid to find love.

"I was trying! I tried really hard," he said. "You can't make girls fall for you if it's not reciprocated and vice versa."

"I did try my best, but obviously it didn't work out," he added.

Hugo said that he'd ultimately found good friends in the villa, but he was 'gutted' when his time to leave came.

He said: "I've made some really good friends in there, I'd almost call them family now."

"At the same time, I definitely feel my time had come."

Tyla has reached out to Hugo's representative for a further comment on the allegations.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/LoveIsland.Room/Instagram/hugo_hammond_

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