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Love Island’s Paige hits back at criticism from fellow Islanders over Danica comments

Love Island’s Paige hits back at criticism from fellow Islanders over Danica comments

Paige was labelled a 'mean girl' by some social media commentators after Danica and Nathalia's remarks

Love Island's Paige has hit back at fellow islander Danica after she said she wished she had confronted her over the way she was treated.

Paige, 24, was subsequently labelled as a 'mean girl' by some social media users when Nathalia claimed that Paige was also mean behind her back.

Paige found love with returning islander Adam.

Now, Paige has defended herself on former islander Toby's podcast Fancy A Chat? where she was asked about the islanders 'talking about everyone else' after the show.

Paige replied: "People have got to do what they've got to do."

She continued: "If you've got to talk s*** about someone else to keep yourself relevant, that's fine. It's not my vibe.

"Why can't you focus on yourself and all the positive things, rather than talk s*** about anyone else?

"I'm not about that. I'm in my little positive bubble and I stay firmly inside it. People just want to try to pop it sometimes but it's impenetrable, so no."

Toby said that 'a lot of people are going to try to drag you down' and Paige simply replied: "They try."

Paige hit back at her Love Island critics.
YouTube/Fancy A Chat?

The pair then discussed Paige's new life in the limelight after the dating show, which she said she is adjusting to thanks to her Love Island boyfriend, Adam, who was already in the public eye.

Paige replied: "It is really overwhelming but Adam's been absolutely great because he's done it before, so he's been taking it under my wing and helping me out.

"It's been good. I'm glad I've got him to help me out because otherwise I'd be a headless chicken. I've really enjoyed everything so far."

Danica originally slammed Paige in an interview where she said her attitude toward the islander changed when she watched the show back.

She told On Demand Entertainment: "Not gonna lie, watching it back, I've seen sort of the way Paige was when Antigoni left and it was very clear she wanted me to go."

Danica said she wished she had confronted Paige.
On Demand Entertainment

Danica continued: "Like I've done nothing wrong and you're blatantly mouthing things across the firepit to insinuate like 'what the hell why is Danica still here?'"

While she admitted that she has now moved past it, she said: "In the moment, looking back, I wish I'd said things."

However, she asserted that she ultimately doesn't care what people think of her.

"I do feel sad watching it back for myself because I can see some of the looks that I used to get or the comments. But it's fine, if people don't like me that's on them really."

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Love Island/Instagram/paigethornex/_danicataylor

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