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Love Island Viewers 'Run From TV' After 'Disgusting' Spit Challenge

Love Island Viewers 'Run From TV' After 'Disgusting' Spit Challenge

Love Island fans weren't happy that the hit ITV show decided to bring back its controversial food challenges...

While it was thought that Love Island would be axing its controversial food challenges, they have made a return! 

Tonight’s challenge involved a lot of mouth-to-mouth action from the islanders as they worked together to fill a couple’s cocktail glass by spitting liquid into each other’s mouths to pass it on. Watch below:

However, in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, this had Love Island viewers ‘run from the TV’ with the majority describing the challenge as ‘disgusting’.

Reacting to the ‘filthy but fun’ challenge, one Twitter user wrote: “WE HAD A PANDEMIC WHAT IS THIS CHALLENGE [sic]?

“I hate this challenge whole heartedly [sic],” added another.

A third added: “This challenge straight outta my nightmares…”

“U cannot pay me enough to compete in this challenge [sic],” remarked a fourth viewer.

Alongside a sick emoji, a fifth moaned: “WE CALL AGREE TO SAY THIS CHALLENGE IS DISGUSTING.”

“A new strain of covid is gunna start because of this challenge,” added a sixth.

“NO ONE NEEDS TO SEE SPIT IN SLO MO,” complained a seventh.

An eight pointed out perhaps the most disgusting part of the challenge.  


“Ain’t no way they’re sliding around in each others spit?? [sic]” questioned a ninth viewer.

“Who comes up with those challenges,” complained another user, alongside a now-iconic image of former islander Amy Hart crying in the beach hut. 

Then there was this Twitter user who questioned why the food challenges had returned when the show had said that they were going to be a thing of the past.

They wrote: “I thought #LoveIsland said no more nasty ass challenges????”

Meanwhile, another speculated: “One of the love island producers must have a spit fetish because these food challenges are DISGUSTING [sic].”

In the aftermath of the challenge, islander Jacques seemingly agreed with Twitter users, telling Paige that he thought he was going to vomit at one point. 

She then joked that had he vomited in her mouth, that would have been the end of their blossoming romance. 

However, it clearly didn’t do the pair much harm as they went on to share their first kiss later in the episode, with Jacques joking that things were going to be ‘literally harder’ in the villa tonight.

Love Island continues tomorrow on ITV2 at 9 pm. 

Will you keep tuning in if the food challenges continue?

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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