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Love Island shock twist as two fan favourites 'suddenly leave the villa'

Love Island shock twist as two fan favourites 'suddenly leave the villa'

Two Love Island stars have been booted out of the villa after a public vote

The Love Island villa has been left reeling after a shock twist led two fan favourites to suddenly ‘leave the villa’.

We haven’t actually seen this yet, but it’ll likely be broadcast either tonight or tomorrow night.

However, the public has been given the chance to vote for their favourite boy and favourite girl, and Love Island doesn’t take place in real-time, so the people concerned will already have been given their marching orders.

The two people who receive the fewest votes will be sent off to get their s*** together and get off the island.

The public have voted for their favourite girl.

The island residents are only just getting their heads back together after the departure of Molly Marsh on Friday, with Kady McDermott making a sensational return.

Kady then coupled up with Molly’s partner Zachariah Noble, leaving the blonde single, before she was then asked to ‘leave the island’.

Now, it seems that Medhi is the fans’ favourite to get the chop, after he upset the ever-popular Whitney during a ‘heart rate’ challenge.

During that challenge, Medhi kissed a number of the girls, which obviously didn’t make Whitney feel great, and he seemed to misunderstand why she was so upset.

Despite the drama the other night, some fans seem convinced that they haven’t seen the last of Molly on this year’s show, or maybe hasn’t even been dumped at all.

She was asked to make a bit of a ‘debrief video’ after leaving, which no-one else has had to.

That set tongues wagging, with many suggesting that she might be back for Casa Amor.

When the clip went online, loads of people piped up to say that this is a lot of effort from the show, considering that Molly is supposed to be heading off home.

“Nobody interviews like this when they leave – she never left,” one said.

Another added: “Yeah, never this kind of interview before when someone’s left the villa. 100 per cent she’s coming back!”

“This tees up Molly coming back in a few weeks perfectly. Would bet my house on it,” said a third.

They've also selected their favourite boy.

Even former stars are getting involved, with Winter Love Island star Olivia Hawkins writing: “I really don’t think this is the last we have seen of Molly on this year’s show.”

She added: “Which will be very awkward if Zachariah pursues anything romantic with Kady.”

Sam Thompson, from the Love Island podcast – so someone who might know – added: “I reckon Molly is back for Casa Amor after Zach has got with Kady.”

You’ll just have to wait and see.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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