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Luca Bish's Family Reveal Meaning Behind '1995' Tattoo

Luca Bish's Family Reveal Meaning Behind '1995' Tattoo

Viewers have been wondering what the tattoo means.

Ever since Love Island kicked off earlier this week, fans have been trying to guess the meaning behind Luca Bish's many, many tattoos.

The 23-year-old fish monger from Brighton has one tat in particular – '1995' across his chest – that is causing some serious confusion among viewers.

While many assumed it could be his birth year, fans quickly realised it couldn't be, as one wrote on Twitter: "The math isn’t mathing."

Another said: "Assumed Luca was 27 because of his 1995 tattoo but he’s only 23????"

A third added: "Someone please tell why Luca has 1995 tattooed on him if he’s 23."

One user begged: "Has anyone figured out why Luca has 1995 tattooed on him when he's only 23?"

Turns out Luca didn't confuse his birth year, with his sister clearing things up on social media and explaining the meaning behind the tattoo.

"Keep getting these messages so let's clear this up,” she said. "He does in fact know when he was born – it's for his sister's year of birth.”


His sister also revealed that Luca's Scorpio tattoo represents their granddad's star sign, who sadly passed away a couple of years ago. Luca himself is actually a Taurus.

Luca's family revealed the meaning behind the tattoo.

Before entering the villa, Luca discussed some of his 'random' tattoos – many of which have been compared to Harry Styles' tats.

Speaking to Tyla and other publications just days before entering the villa, Luca explained: "My ex was a tattoo artist so I was a bit like her colouring-in book.

"But yeah, it's probably the best thing I'll ever get compared to Harry Styles at, to be honest. They're just very random. I wouldn't say there's a lot of meaning for a lot of them but they're there now.

Luca is currently coupled up with Paige.

"I don't like [my left] arm. This has got a lion on so people are comparing me to Harry Styles – I think nine times out of 10 people with tattoos have got a lion on.

"[My right] arm I like a bit more. It's got Einstein, Amy Winehouse, Muhammad Ali, Winston Churchill. There's a bit more meaning there but all the others I'm a bit of a colouring-in book."

Luca is currently coupled up with Paige Thorne in the villa after the public voted for them to be matched from day one, but he also seems to have a growing connection with Tasha Ghouri.

Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2.

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