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Love Island Fans Convinced Luca Doesn't Like Paige After He Forgets Important Conversation

Love Island Fans Convinced Luca Doesn't Like Paige After He Forgets Important Conversation

Viewers were confused as to how Luca could have forgotten so quickly.

Love Island viewers were baffled on Tuesday evening (7 June), when Luca Bish seemingly forgot a conversation he had had with Paige Thorne less than a day before.

You can watch a clip below:

During Tuesday's ep, the Islanders took part in the first challenge of the series, Nothing To Declare.

In the game, the couples split into two teams of boys vs girls.

One by one, they each approached the 'conveyer belt' where a tray of 'baggage' is waiting. Each tray contained clues relating to secrets belonging to different Islanders. For example, the clue in the first tray read: "This Islander once turned down a threesome because he didn't want to pay towards the hotel."

It was up to the other Islanders to guess which of their fellow contestants the clue was about.

Paige had revealed the secret the day before.

And when it was Luca's turn to read out one of the girls' baggage, he totally forgot something he had been told the day before.

"This girl's favourite sex position is the broken eagle," he said, before adding: "I don't have a scooby."

In the end, he chose Amber, but fans were fuming that Luca forgot Paige had actually told him this was her favourite sex position the day before.

You can watch that moment below:

And viewers at home were totally baffled, with one person writing: "Luca not clocking the favourite sex position question when it was his first question to Paige is mad!!!"

While another tweeted: "The way Luca asked about Paige’s favourite sex position the first minute he talked to her and wasn’t even listening lmao like what is the goal here."


"PAIGE TOLD LUCA THAT WAS HER FAVE POSITION LAST NIGHT no way he forgot," added a fourth.

Others thought it could be a sign that Luca isn't that into Paige, with another adding: "Luca doesn’t feel Paige at all. If he did he would remember her favourite sex position."

What do you think?

Fans were shocked Luca forgot.

Elsewhere in Tuesday's show, fans were calling for Paige Thorne to 'be evicted' after she admitting to a rather divisive bedtime habit.

During the ep, Paige and Luca - who are coupled up together - were discussing having bedtime chats during their first night in the villa.

But Paige let slip a bedtime habit that not everyone is impressed with. You can read more on that here.

Love Island airs at 9pm on ITV2.

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