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Love Island Fans Think Jacques Will Leave The Villa Tonight

Love Island Fans Think Jacques Will Leave The Villa Tonight

A first-look clip hinted that Jacques might want to leave

Love Island fans are still in a state of shock after Thursday night's Casa Amor recoupling that was full of heartwarming reunions, firey splits and shocking reveals.

But, after unpacking the dramatic episode, viewers still weren't sure what to think when they saw islander Jacques O'Neill hint at his plans to leave the villa in a teaser first look at Friday night's episode.

Watch the moment here:

Despite cracking on with new girls Cheyanne and Mollie during Casa Amor, Jacques ultimately decided to stick with his partner Paige Thorne.

Paige was visibly thrilled when she returned to the main villa solo and saw Jacques waiting for her, but the fairytale ending quickly turned sour when presenter Laura Whitmore spoke to the girls who hadn't been chosen in the recoupling.

Asked how her Casa Amor experience had been Cheyanne didn't hold back, telling Laura: "I suppose my version of a test is different to someone else's". The bombshell was more than happy to spill that it was Jacques who she had been getting to know in the villa.

While Paige sat in a state of shock, trying to comprehend it all, Jacques immediately tried to defend himself.

Paige and Jacques might be over by Friday night's episode.

When the episode came to an end, it was clear Jacques had a lot of explaining - and grovelling - to do.

But in a teaser clip for tonight's episode, it looks like things will go further south for the once loved-up couple.

Speaking to Paige in the promo clip, Jacques says: "I wanted to see if something could be better, but it wasn’t."

A devastated Paige replied: "You can get to know people without kissing them - I would never do that to someone I cared about."

Later, speaking to his fellow islander Luca, Jacques could be seen whispering: "No point me being here."

When Luca, who stayed loyal to Gemma during the recoupling, assured him that Paige would eventually forgive him, Jacques replied: "I won't let her forgive me."

The moment sent shockwaves through viewers, who took to Twitter to try and figure out if Jacques really was planning to leave.

Jacques got to know Cheyanne during Casa Amor.

"Is Jacques gonna leave?? Love Island don't tease me with a good time", joked one viewer.

"Did I just see Jax cry & threaten to leave the villa? Or am I just going crazy?" asked a second.

"'I won’t let her forgive me' JACQUES WHAT. IS THIS A MOVIE", a third, stunned fan asked.

Could Jacques be packing his bags in tonight's episode? Or will the couple manage to reconcile?

Love Island continues tonight at 9:00pm on ITV2 and ITVHub.

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