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Heated First Look Shows Ekin-Su And Nathalia 'Fight' As Tensions Soar

Heated First Look Shows Ekin-Su And Nathalia 'Fight' As Tensions Soar

Are you ready for the fieriest pancake battle ever?!

The dramatic first look for tonight's episode of Love Island has just dropped and tensions are set to explode between Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu and new arrival Nathalia Campos. Watch below:

After Nathalia showed an interest in Ekin-Su’s partner Davide Sanclimenti, things became frosty between the Turkish actor and the operations manager and content creator from Brazil.

Ekin-Su called out the newcomer at the end of Thursday (21 July) night’s episode after suspecting Nathalia had an unspoken grudge against her. She asks: “Do you have an issue with me?” which led to Nathalia retaliating with “No I haven't got an issue with you”.

Ekin-Su did not back down and followed up her question with: “I feel like you've got an issue with me.”

Nathalia quips: “If I had an issue with you I'd let you know babe.”

Nathalia (pictured) and Ekin-Su are going head-to-head.

The 23-year-old then added: “Maybe you have an issue with yourself!”

In tonight’s episode, Ekin-Su, 27, and Nathalia can’t agree over their culinary choices or who Davide will side with. It is then decided that the only way to settle the argument between the fiery pair is over a pancake cooking competition the following morning. 

Yes, really.

Possibly referencing her love-hate relationship with the Italian business owner and their affinity for cuisine, Ekin-Su tells Nathalia: "Do you know what I’ve learnt my love, the best way to end an argument is cooking, so you can prove to me with your pancakes my love, to see how good you are.”

However Nathalia is not entirely convinced, as she responds: “I don’t need to prove anything babe, honestly who are you for me to prove anything?” 

Ekin-Su answers with a hilarious one-liner: “I am Ekin-Su babe and there's only one of me.” 

But Nathalia responds with yet another question: “Who is that to me? Who is that to me though, Ekin-who..?”

The tense back and forth ends with Luca Bish announcing battle happen: “It ends in the kitchen, tomorrow morning, be there, Turkey versus Brazil”.

Ekin-Su is ready for the pancake match.

Nathalia, laughing, states: “The battle of the pancakes.”

In the morning, the two women walk in for their cook-off, arriving with their fellow Islanders as bodyguards, trainers and fans. 

Fans will have to tune in to see who wins this totally unexpected pancake battle.

Nathalia is definitely living up to her pre-entry interview as she teased that she would bring ‘some fun, flirtation and fire’ to the villa.

In a relationship she describes herself as being ‘very caring’ and ‘good company’ and claimed that she joined the show because ‘everyone there is looking for the same thing’.

When speaking about treading on toes, Nathalia said: “Yes, I am quite competitive and if I was to approach a guy no one should be shocked or it shouldn’t be surprising, it’s pretty normal given the circumstances.”

Love Island continues tonight at 9:00pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub. Episodes are available the following morning on BritBox.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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