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Love Island Fans Shocked As Ekin-Su Sneaks Off With Jay In Tomorrow's First Look

Love Island Fans Shocked As Ekin-Su Sneaks Off With Jay In Tomorrow's First Look

Can we fast forward to tomorrow night please?!

Love Island fans are reeling after catching the first look for Thursday night's episode, in which Ekin-Su was caught sneaking onto the terrace with new boy Jay for a cheeky kiss.

The Turkish actress has been a force to be reckoned with since the moment she first walked into the villa, pulling any man she pleases for a chat, and keeping the islanders on their toes.

After a brief will-they-won't-they with Jacques, it seemed like Ekin-Su had finally settled on Davide the Italian snack. But it looks like the budding romance won't last much longer after tomorrow night!

Before new bombshells Jay and Remi strutted confidently into the villa and caused a stir among the boys, Ekin-Su had been seen crying in the beach hut after Davide failed to bring her her oat milk coffee that morning.

Suggesting that Davide had stopped putting in an effort with her because he didn't have any competition, Ekin-Su decided to direct her attention towards the new boys.

Fans had already suspected that Ekin-Su and Jay were a perfect match, but no one was prepared for how soon the couple were going to get physical.

In the teaser clip for Thursday night's episode, Ekin-Su and Jay had fans going wild as they crawled on all fours onto the terrace to get away from their fellow islanders and steal a cheeky kiss.

Ekin-Su has fans in stitches. (

Taking to Twitter after spotting the shocking moment, fans admitted they could hardly wait for tomorrow night's episode - and wondered just where the Love Island producers found someone like Ekin-Su.

One awe-struck fan tweeted: "she. crawled. on. the. f***ing. floor. for. a. lipse".

Another joked: "Ekin-Su crawling as if she isn't gonna go and tell the girls straight after she kisses Jay."

"Ekin-Su is moving mad and I’m here for it loooool" laughed a third.

Ekin-Su wasted no time getting to know Jay. (

From the moment that Jay opened his mouth, Love Island fanatics knew that he and Ekin-Su were a match made in heaven.

Speaking to the girls on his first night in the villa, Jay boasted that he was "not here for seasonal boyfriends", insisting that he wasn't afraid to step on anyone's toes.

Viewers were quick to point out that Ekin-Su had made the very same comment when she arrived in the villa, telling the girls she's "not here to make seasonal girlfriends".

Could these two be a perfect match? Or will they simply team up to cause chaos?

Love Island airs weeknights at 9:00pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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