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Love Island First Look: Fans Convinced It's Over For Ekin-Su And Davide

Love Island First Look: Fans Convinced It's Over For Ekin-Su And Davide

The islanders are going to have to make a tough decision on tonight's episode.

The Love Island final is almost upon us and after a summer of love in all its highs and lows, the islanders will be voting for the least compatible couple.

It's all going down in tonight's episode when the couples will have to assess each other's relationships – which all seem to be going well – then make a difficult decision. Watch below:

Ekin-Su tells Davide as they deliberate in the episode: "Let's be real, this is not friend island OK."

Paige admits: "It's not nice at all."

Indiyah then asks 'Are we sure?' as they select their chosen couple.

Elsewhere on tonight's episode, the final dates are set to continue.

Tasha and Andrew will be sent on a beach date where they will be greeted by a giant heart made entirely of roses, and Gemma and Luca will be serenaded on their courtyard date by a six-piece ensemble.

Meanwhile, fans have been speculating on social media about who they want to win this year's season.

One viewer made it clear that they are a massive fan of Tasha and Andrew and Ekin-Su and Davide, and said they'd be delighted if either of those couples win.

A second, meanwhile, speculated that the extravagant set up of Ekin-Su and Davide's final date was a clue about who is going to win the show.

They wrote: "Even the Love Island producers know Davide and Ekin-Su are going to win because it looks like the date team spent their whole budget on their date. This is the most romantic and the most beautiful date they've ever done. It belongs in a movie."

"If Davide and Ekin win, Tasha and Andrew win or Indiyah and Dami win, I will be happy," wrote a third. "Everyone else is a strong no."

But while there are some tough decisions to be made, it looks like the islanders will have at least one final hurdle to overcome in the form of meeting each other's parents.

Fans are convinced that they are about to meet after Ekin-Su's brother Arda posted a selfie of himself on Instagram stories in front of what looked like a hotel pool.

He followed this up with a snap of himself and Ekin-Su's mum in the back of a car.

However, some viewers are convinced it could be curtains for Davide and Ekin-Su, or 'Ekinde' as some people or putting it. "Gemma and Luca are going to vote Ekin and Davide because they are jealous of them," one person wrote on Twitter.

"Ekinde are the least compatible along with Adam and Paige. They def leaving lol. They argue about literally everything. And Davide even said he won’t do drama on the outside. Their time is over," said another.

Others disagreed, however: "Ekinde are definitely not leaving, Adam and Paige will be. I don't think any of these couples will last on the outside except for Tandrew."

All will be revealed...

Love Island continues tonight on ITV2 at 9.00 pm.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Love Island

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