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Love Is Blind Fans Are Loving Cameraman's 'Shady' Move

Love Is Blind Fans Are Loving Cameraman's 'Shady' Move

We see you…

Love Is Blind has returned to Netflix, and we have become obsessed with our brand new cohort of couples.

But while we’d love to see some of our pairings have a happily ever after, we’re not too hopeful we’ll see Lauren and Cameron mark two this time round.

And it seems even the team behind the camera is less than convinced that Shayne and Natalie will go the distance, judging by this shady as hell camerawork…

You can watch the video below.


Did you spot that subtle shade being thrown?

The team behind Love Is Blind love a red flag reference, with viewers spotting the ominous flag quite literally flapping in the background during some conversations this series.

Taking to Twitter, one eagle-eyed viewer wrote: “The cameraman who zoomed in on the red flag that was on the beach when Kyle was talking about Shaina deserves a raise.”

Viewers were amused by the red flag motif (

Another agreed: “The camera zooming in on the red flag at the beach every now and then. I see what you did there.”

A third viewer wrote on the r/LoveIsBlind Reddit thread: “The red flag waving on the beach at around 27:20 into the episode sent me over the edge,” where someone else agreed: “LOL yes!”

Shayne has been described as a “walking red flag” by some Love Is Blind viewers, who were left unimpressed after he flitted between Natalie and Shaina while they were in the pods.

Red flags were flapping aplenty (

Shayne seemed to have more sexual chemistry with Shaina but often had deeper chats with Natalie.

One viewer wrote that the love triangle brought back memories of the first series of Love Is Blind: "This whole thing is Shayne-Natalie-Shaina circle reminds me of Barnett-Lc-Amber-Jessica drama"

A second said: "Omg Shayne from #LoveIsBlind is terrible…. Natalie run for your life girl"

While a third said: "Natalie you need to ditch Shayne he doesn’t deserve you.”

Viewers spotted the hint (

But Shayne himself has since spoken out about the accusations.

You can read more about that here.

Love Is Blind is available to stream on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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