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Netflix fans are just noticing the huge details they missed in Look Both Ways

Netflix fans are just noticing the huge details they missed in Look Both Ways

The film has been a hit with viewers

Fans of the hit Netflix film Look Both Ways are just noticing several details they initially missed.

Watch the trailer below:

In case you haven't had a chance to watch, the rom-com stars Riverdale actor Lili Reinhart as Natalie, an aspiring animator whose life takes two very paths after she takes a pregnancy test at a graduation party.

Viewers get to see both possible timelines; in one Natalie becomes a mum and puts her career dreams on hold, whereas the second timeline shows her moving to LA to pursue her dreams.

One key detail fans might have missed is a bird Natalie draws on a card for her friend Cara (Aisha Dee). Before her first day at her new job, Natalie gifts her friend with a kind drawing and, later in the film, a similar bird is the star of Natalie's animated film.

Natalie and her friend Gabe (Danny Ramirez) hook up, leading to the pair becoming parents in one possible timeline and as they prepare for the arrival of their bundle of joy, Natalie draws an owl on the wall.

The parents-to-be are painting and decorating their baby's nursery and later in the film, when Natalie explains how her Night Owl character came to be, she says its origin is down to baby Rosie staying up all night.

Natalie is a huge fan of the Netflix film A Whisker Away.

Because the Night Owl character and the owl Natalie created for Rosie's nursery mural are similar, she may have actually thought of the idea while she was pregnant.

Speaking of preparing for a baby's arrival, Natalie is seen scrolling past an Instagram post for a baby shower she later attends.

Nicole (Ashlyn Anderson Gomez) is also having a baby and to celebrate she hosts a blue-themed baby shower. The Instagram invite Natalie scrolls past – which we have all done before – has a similarly blue-coloured background.

Viewers will recall the moment Gabe proposed to Natalie and when her parents accused the keen drummer of not having put enough thought behind the proposal.

Natalie tells Gabe to move on and when he starts dating Miranda (Amanda Knapic), who he proposes to, he makes it clear that he has thought through his plan.

Fans have had a mixed reaction to Natalie and Gabe’s relationship. One viewer tweeted: “So not really sure what Natalie thought was gonna happen between Gabe and Miranda lmao. You can’t tell a man you want to move on and then get mad when he does #LookBothWays.”

Another viewer shared their own take, writing: “The minute Gabe thanked Natalie for encouraging him to start dating and blamed Natalie for the reason he’s with Miranda I knew his heart wasn’t in the right place. #LookBothWays #LookBothWaysNetflix.”

Some other fascinating details you might have missed includes a meta-Netflix reference. During a date with Jake (David Corenswet) Natalie mentions she loved the Netflix film A Whisker Away, which is a real Netflix film.

Natalie's owl mural might have a deeper meaning.

Natalie even compares it to the classic Studio Ghibli animated classic Spirited Away and judging by her love for drawing she’d definitely know a thing or two about a good animated adventure.

Finally, the credits show that Natalie has found success in both timelines of her life. One outcome shows an illustrated version of Natalie accepting an award while the other shows the cover of a book she has illustrated featuring the Night Owl character.

One delighted fan tweeted: "Obsessed with Natalie, Gabe and Rosie story on the credits scene, a happy family, her publishing a book Nat publishing a books of her drawings, Gabe continuing to play with his band and then finally getting married"

This is so heartwarming.

Look Both Ways is available to watch on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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