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Women urged to watch new Netflix film Look Both Ways immediately

Women urged to watch new Netflix film Look Both Ways immediately

Lili Reinhart stars in a Netflix comedy about a woman whose live diverges into two completely different paths after taking a pregnancy test.

Women are being urged to watch the new Netflix film Look Both Ways by viewers and we can totally understand why.

Watch the trailer below:

"Girls if you haven’t watched Look Both Ways on netflix… immediately 20/10," one woman posted after watching the film.

Another viewer shared their final take on the film. "Look Both Ways on Netflix really has me in my feels," they wrote. "What’s meant for you will always find its way, someway or another".

Similarly, a third Twitter user said: "Look Both Ways on Netflix was such a cute movie. In the grand scheme of things, everything always works out in divine timing and what’s meant for you will always find its way to you. No matter which path you decide to take."

A fourth woman shared the message: "That new film on Netflix Look Both Ways was so beautiful ngl TRUST THE UNIVERSE YOULL ALWAYS BE FINE".

Riverdale star Lili Reinhart portrays Natalie, a woman who takes a pregnancy test on the eve of her college graduation.

Just like the 1998 Gwyneth Paltrow film Sliding Doors, which might have inspired the new Netflix feature, viewers will see Natalie's life take two completely different paths.

In one possible timeline, the pregnancy test is negative and Natalie continues the party celebrations, graduates and moves out of her hometown to pursue her dream career in LA.

The other timeline, however, shows Natalie's shock as the two pregnancy tests come back positive and she stays in Austin, Texas with to raise her child with Gabe (Danny Ramirez), the father of the baby.

Lili Reinhart and David Corenswet star in Look Both Ways.

The parents-to-be visit Natalie's parents, played by Luke Wilson and Andrea Savage, to tell them the unexpected news, which understandably leaves them in shock.

Meanwhile, in the other timeline, Natalie visits a bar after applying for a job to be an assistant for Lucy Galloway (Nia Long), a top animator. At the bar she meets a handsome stranger named Jake (David Corenswet) and the pair become fast friends and love interests.

In true rom-com style, Jake happens to work at Tall Story Animation, the same studio Natalie's idol Lucy works.

Top Gun: Maverick actor Danny Ramirez stars as Gabe, Natalie's friend and father of her child.

The film explores how Natalie's goals are different or in some cases quite similar in both timelines.

In an interview with Netflix, Top Gun: Maverick actor Danny Ramirez described Look Both Ways as a ‘beautiful film about the possibilities of where life could lead you.’

Lili added: “It will pull at your heartstrings”.

Look Both Ways is now streaming on Netflix.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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