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Sex and the City’s John Corbett will return as Aidan Shaw in And Just Like That… season 2

Sex and the City’s John Corbett will return as Aidan Shaw in And Just Like That… season 2

Will Aidan and Carrie finally reunite?

Sex and the City fans have been waiting eagerly for the second season of the spin-off show And Just Like That… since it was announced in March this year.

But now, hopeful viewers have been gifted another tidbit of exciting info for the upcoming series (you’re welcome), as John Corbett has been confirmed to join the cast as he reprises his role as Aidan Shaw.

True fans of the movie franchise will remember his character Aidan and Sarah Jessica Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw undoubtedly complicated love story, opening up potential lines for romance to bud once again for the pair.

John Corbett has been confirmed to join the cast of And Just Like Aidan Shaw.
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Deadline reported that Corbett is ‘set for a substantial, multi-episode arc’ during the second season of the follow-up series. 

In a previous interview with Page Six, Corbett gave fans a hint that he may be working on the show, saying: “I think I might be in quite a few [episodes].”

A representative of HBO Max and Corbett declined to comment when Deadline approached them.

Corbett, alongside long-term fan-favourite character Kim Cattrall's Samatha, did not appear in the revival HBO series.

It is believed that the actress chose not to return to the reboot, in part due to a well-documented feud with Sarah Jessica Parker.

True fans will remember Aidan and Carrie Bradshaw's undoubtedly complicated love story.

Samantha’s absence in the show was explained to viewers in the first episode of And Just Like That

She was explained to have fallen out with Carrie after she was fired as her publicist and escaped to a new job over in England.

Instead, the first series focused on Carrie, Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) with no plans for Cattrall to get involved.

But what will come of Aidan’s return? After all, the last time Carrie and he reunited was in the second film after unexpectedly running into each other in Abu Dhabi. 

He's set to join the OG cast in the second season.

During their reunion, the pair went out for a meal while Carrie and her then-husband Big were going through a rough patch. 

Can the father of three, who is still assumed to be married to fellow furniture designer Kathy, really get over his previous car-crash relationship with the journalist? 

Let’s not forget that Carrie ended things not once, but twice. Firstly, by cheating on him with Big, who would later become her married partner, and secondly by breaking off her engagement with Aidan. Some things just aren’t meant to last.

We’ll have to wait and see what the second season has in store for his return.

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