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Love Island Fans Are Divided By Luca Bish's 'Rude' Reaction To Recoupling

Love Island Fans Are Divided By Luca Bish's 'Rude' Reaction To Recoupling

It was a little bit awks during Sunday evening's Love Island.

Love Island viewers were not impressed with Luca Bish's reaction to his recoupling during Sunday evening's episode.

You can watch a clip below:

Luca, 23, was less than impressed when new girl Danica Taylor - who entered the show as a bombshell just hours earlier - decided to couple up with him.

It means Luca and Gemma Owen are no longer in a couple, and will no longer share a bed together.

Having not had the chance to properly get to know any of the boys before the recoupling, Danica chose Luca based on initial attraction.

But it didn't go down well with Luca himself, who looked pretty fuming to have been picked.

And fans were not happy about his reaction, with one writing on Twitter: "Luca’s reaction to getting picked was highkey gross. Relax."

Luca was less than impressed when new girl Danica decided to couple up with him.

While another said: "Wtf was that reaction when Danica picked Luca .. it's only SECOND week. He’s making it seem serious .. did he forget that he liked a different girl every day, the first week?"

And a third added: "Luca’s reaction was rudeeeee AF to Danica picking him, she had to do what she had to do and she has her reasoning, BEAR IN MIND, she wasn’t even in there for 24 hours."

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "Luca’s reaction to being picked by that girl was far too over dramatic. Get a grip; it's not the end of your journey with Gemma. She has to pick someone. You've just made that girl feel massively awkward."

Others were more sympathetic towards Luca, however, with another viewer adding: "I know some people were a bit annoyed with Luca with his reaction to Danica picking him, but I think he was caught up in the moment and plus they're were two single guys she could have gone for so what do you expect coz he is obsessed with Gemma anyone can see that."

People were not impressed with Luca's reaction.

Danica ended up speaking to Luca about his reaction following the recoupling, and it seems the pair have now cleared the air after they headed off for their first date together - a romantic picnic on the beach.

But Luca certainly seems set on Gemma still, after deciding not to share a bed with Danica but instead sleep in the spare bed in the villa's living room.

He told Gemma: "I don't want to get to know her and my eyes are only for you at the minute. You make me feel like a young kid who hasn't experienced anything before."

Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2.

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