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House of the Dragon viewers shocked by 'very uncomfortable' incestuous scene

House of the Dragon viewers shocked by 'very uncomfortable' incestuous scene

While some viewers have called the scene 'gross', others have admitted to shipping Princess Rhaenyra and her uncle Prince Daemon.

Spoiler alert: This article contains details about House of the Dragon episode 4.

The latest episode of House of the Dragon has left viewers in shock following an incestuous scene between Rhaenyra (Milly Alcock) and Daemon (Matt Smith).

In the latest episode, Princess Rhaenyra and her uncle Prince Daemon get intimate, which marked a first for the series as both Targaryens knew that they were related at the time.

Rhaenyra and Daemon had a scene that left viewers calling their relationship 'gross'.
HBO Max.

Upon his return from his fight against the Crabfeeder and the Stepstones, Daemon runs into Rhaenyra, noticing that she has ‘matured’ over the last couple of years. He then notices the necklace she’s wearing is the one he gave her as she complains about the men fighting for her attention.

Once she returns to her bedroom later on, Rhaenyra discovers a clothes in a bag topped with a hat to act as a disguise. The items come with a note instructing her to leave the room via a secret passage.

Daemon meets her outside the gates of the Red Keep to explore Flea Bottom before eventually ending up at a pleasure house.

Rhaenyra had been wearing her hat to hide her signature platinum blonde hair, which Daemon removes once inside the pleasure house, implying that it doesn’t matter if she is recognised there.

Rhaenyra was taken to a pleasure house by her uncle.
HBO Max.

The pair kiss in a private room inside the pleasure house, with Daemon pinning his niece to the wall and removing her clothes.

While Rhaenyra wants to continue with the tryst, it appears that Daemon has second thoughts as he leaves her own in the room with dishevelled clothes.

She eventually leaves and is seen by a boy, who then tells the Hand of the King, Ser Otto Hightower (Rhys Ifans) who then tells the King.

Fans have been left feeling uneasy and ‘conflicted’ about the family members hooking up.

“Even if it’s fiction it’s gross shipping Rhaenyra and Daemon,” said one viewer. “Can’t believe people are okay with it.”

Another fan called their relationship ‘gross’ after watching the provocative scene. “I love Rhaenyra & Daemon but I can’t get past the incest thing it’s just gross.”

While a third person also dubbed some fans ‘sick’ for finding the exchange hot: “Watching people like Daemon and Rhaenyra literally getting it on despite them being blood related is so gross y'all are sick”.

Other fans admitted to enjoying the moment, with one Twitter user saying: “It was so hilarious to see Daemon getting all so ‘I’m gonna seduce you’, but when Rhaenyra wanted to eat him back and continue more, he FOLDED again.”

Another person wrote: “I feel conflicted after this episode. The whole Daemon and Rhaenyra scene was kind of hot, then gross, then hot again. This show has corrupted me lol.”

However, one user couldn't wait to see what happened, writing: “I can’t believe you guys are rooting for Daemon and Rhaenyra to get together when they’re literally uncle and niece that’s f***ing gross anyways I can’t wait for the next episode I’ll see y’all next week.”

House of the Dragon is available to watch in the UK through Sky Atlantic or on HBO Max.

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