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Harry Potter Fans Are Just Discovering What Voldemort's Name Means

Harry Potter Fans Are Just Discovering What Voldemort's Name Means

Did you know what it meant?

Harry Potter fans are just realising what Lord Voldemort's name really means - and it makes so much sense.

The iconic villain, who "shall not be named" by the fearful students and staff of Hogwarts, has a name that can be translated to reveal a hidden meaning, and it's sort of genius.

Voldemort's name has a hidden meaning. (
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Yes, when translated from French, Voldemort (vol-de-mort) translates to a terrifying 'flight of death'. Pretty spot on considering Voldy's ability to fly and his pretty nasty reputation for killing witches and wizards.

One Redditor pointed out that the vol de mort also has another very fitting translation.

They wrote: "Yeah JK Rowling added a lot of linguistic turns of phrase into the books. It’s really cool to see the different ways she did that.

"Personally, I think Voldemort has [another] translation: Flight from death. The pronoun “de” can mean either of or from in French, depending on the context. So while Voldemort was an extremely powerful and deadly wizard, his main goal was essentially to become powerful enough that he could avoid death, which he saw as the ultimate weakness."

This has blown our minds.

Voldemort has not one, but two different meanings.  (
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This comes not longer after one Potterhead revealed that most fans have been pronouncing Voldemort's name wrong for the longest time.

After the fact was pointed out on the official Harry Potter sub-reddit, fans were horrified that they had been saying it wrong for so long.

"What??" commented one Redditor.

"So my whole life was a lie", wrote another.

Turns out we've been pronouncing his name wrong, too. (
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Even J.K Rowling herself has backed up the claim on Twitter. Back in 2015, another Harry Potter fan shared the same piece of trivia, to which the author replied: "...but I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who pronounces it that way."

Once again, though, French Potterheads had the upper hand, pointing out that they've been pronouncing his name right the entire time.

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