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Harry Potter Fans Realise They've Been Saying Voldemort's Name Wrong For 25 Years

Harry Potter Fans Realise They've Been Saying Voldemort's Name Wrong For 25 Years

That's embarrassing...

Harry Potter fans are just learning that they've been pronouncing Voldemort's name wrong for the last 25 years and now we're questioning everything.

Of course, the wizarding world will avoid mentioning his name at all costs, but when He Who Shall Not Be Named is named, people absolutely butcher it. Sorry Voldy! We blame the films!

Watch one Potterhead explain all here:

When another fan recently pointed out the mistake in the official Harry Potter sub-reddit, people were horrified to learn that they had been saying it wrong for so long.

"What??" commented one Redditor.

"So my whole life was a lie", wrote another.

Even J.K Rowling herself has backed up the claim on Twitter. Back in 2015, another Harry Potter fan shared the same piece of trivia, to which the author replied: "...but I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who pronounces it that way."


Well, we certainly weren't!

JK Rowling has confirmed that the 'T' in Voldemort is silent.  (
Warner Bros.)

Multi-lingual Potter fans were at an advantage with this one, it seems, considering the name Voldemort comes from French.

"Yup this T is silent in french" commented one user.

"French here, always knew it," added a second.

Some Redditors remembered that in Jim Dale's reading of the Harry Potter audiobooks, the actor pronounced Voldemort without the 'T'. However, halfway through the audiobook series - and right around the time the film adaptions began - Jim started adding on the 'T'.

"I wonder if the movies mispronounced it. The first few audiobooks from Jim Dale pronounce it without the t, but then he switches in maybe book five," read one comment.

Another user recalled that an old scholastic Harry Potter website featured a pronunciation guide for tricker words like Hermione and knut. To their memory, the fan claimed that, for Voldemort, "the 'T' was indeed silent."

Some French fans have been pronouncing the name right this whole time. (
Warner Bros)

After learning the new piece of Potter trivia, one fan joked: "I blame Voldemort for the mispronunciation. You can’t taboo a word and make everyone fear saying it and then get mad when ballsy muggles turn around and pronounce your name wrong."

We knew it wasn't our fault!

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