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Happy Valley viewers praise the show for the 'best ending of a TV series ever'

Happy Valley viewers praise the show for the 'best ending of a TV series ever'

The finale of Happy Valley aired on BBC One last night, with viewers praising it as the 'best ending of a TV series ever'

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the Happy Valley finale.

The finale of Happy Valley has been highly anticipated among TV junkies for weeks, bringing the end to a near ten-year storyline.

While you may go on an incredible journey over many years and seasons, the last episode of the final series is the one that fans are always going to remember.

And if the concluding episode does leave a sour taste in the mouth of viewers, then the overall perception of the show can be dented.

But luckily for Happy Valley, the BBC delivered an incredible final episode, with viewers describing it as the 'best ending of a TV series ever'.

Happy Valley's finale aired on the BBC on Sunday (5 February).

There were quite a few plot lines to be wrapped up in the closing episode of the show, but according to viewers, the producers seem to have executed it perfectly.

Ahead of the final episode, fans were wondering as to whether Catherine Cawood (Sarah Lancashire) would finally get that retirement trip in her Land Rover she's been talking about for a long while now.

There was also the whole story surrounding Tommy Lee Royce (James Norton), who had been hiding after he escaped his court hearing.

Tommy realised that he was in trouble as he was picked up by gang members claiming he was meeting Darius Knezevic.

After being asked to get into the boot, Tommy spotted a bottle of petrol and knew he was in some serious danger here.

So he pretended to need his inhaler and went back to the house to arm himself instead.

Alongside that dramatic story was the unsolved murder committed by pressured pharmacist Faisal (Amit Shah).

Also, let's not forget everything going on surrounding the abusive teacher Rob (Mark Stanley).

There was certainly a lot to wrap up in just one hour and ten minutes, but fans believe it was executed perfectly as they took to social media to praise the finale.

The finale is being praised hugely by viewers.

One person on Twitter said: "#HappyValley THAT WAS THE BEST ENDING IT COULD HAVE EVER BEEN OMG."

"That might be the best ending to a TV series I’ve seen. Absolutely perfect. #HappyValley," a second added.

A third remarked: "One hell of a finale, television at its best. I just wish there were more programmes as good as this."

Meanwhile, actor Robert Lindsay declared it to be 'a definitive ending to a brilliant series'.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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