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Adele left sobbing after man in audience appears to hold up photo of his late wife

Adele left sobbing after man in audience appears to hold up photo of his late wife

Fans were also overcome with emotion at the touching moment

Adele was left in floods of tears during a performance as part of her Las Vegas residency this week.

Weekends With Adele at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace opened back in November and will run until 25 March, after a delay meant the shows - originally scheduled to run between January and April last year - were postponed.

In one show this week, Adele became emotional after seeing something in the crowd.

During a performance of 'When We Were Young', a man could be seen holding up his phone, which showed a photo of what appeared to be his wife.

While it initially seemed Adele hadn't spotted the touching moment, during a performance of 'Someone Like You' later in the show, she said: “This is for you, sir, who’s showing me his wife on his phone.”

She added: “When I walk through the crowd, I wish you could see what I could see. Because I know I talk to a few people every night, but then I just see little stories of people happening.

“And there was a man. He’s just there, can you see him holding his phone up? I think that’s his wife on his phone and I don’t think she’s here and it just really moved me."

The man appeared to be holding up a photo of his wife.

Adele continued: “It looks like you’re here on your own. And I’m so, so sorry. I’m so sorry for your loss, and I’m so sorry I didn’t realise what you were showing me until I was already over there.

“Sorry, but it’s like I see these little pockets of people’s lives when I walk through and it’s so beautiful.”

Fans were moved by the moment, with many taking to a TikTok video of the performance to discuss.

One person wrote: "Crying bc he looked so content even if Adele didn’t notice, like he was happy knowing his wife would’ve loved just seeing what he’s seeing."

While another said: "He wasn’t even doing it for Adele’s attention. He genuinely looked happy holding his wife up & enjoying the moment as if she was there, my heart."

Adele could be seen in tears.

And a third added: "Adele soul is just so pure. What an amazing human, she is!"

Meanwhile a fourth commented: "That man deserves the world and Adele must be protected at all times."

This one definitely hit us in the feels!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@adeleaccess

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