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Stranger Things Fans Have A Theory Will Byers Is Actually 'Evil'

Stranger Things Fans Have A Theory Will Byers Is Actually 'Evil'

Fans are convinced that 'sensitive' Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) is evil.

*Warning: Stranger Things spoilers ahead*

In a new Stranger Things theory, fans are suggesting Will Byers is evil and, let's be honest, you would be too if everyone forgot your birthday.

We're just about recovering from the chaos that was Volume One of the latest season, but we may not have seen anything yet.

Now, some fans are convinced that 'sensitive' Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) is evil, which could make sense given that even Eddie (Joseph Quinn) himself said that Volume 2 would be absolute 'carnage'.

Check out the new theory below:

As we all know, Will spent a long time in the Upside Down in the first season of the show – so long, in fact, that fans are thinking he's corrupt, with TikTok user Jaden Bricker suggesting Will is actually evil.

Sharing his theory with the question 'Will is the villain?' Jaden launches into his thoughts: "If we go back and look at season one, we see that Joyce refers to Will as a 'sensitive' child.

"You know who else is referred to as a sensitive child? Henry Creel (001/Vecna) by his own mother as well."

Okay, good point, but we still need some convincing if you're telling us sweet, caring, paints-in-his-spare-time Will is evil.

However, Jaden does just that, adding: "There has to be a reason that Will was kept alive when he was in the Upside Down for so long. He was the perfect host.

"As we know, the Mind Flayer is made up of inter-dimensional particles. Essentially, these particles can detach from the greater body that is the shadow monster. The Mind Flayer, the 'hive mind' and infect people, as we saw with Will in season two."

And here's the bit that has us sold on the theory: "I don't think it would be farfetched to say that, based on the amount of time Will spent in the Upside Down, he would start to become corrupt as well."

Will Byers could be evil?

The content creator goes on to suggest that Vecna saw a lot of himself in Will and that is why he was kept alive.

What's more, Jaden suggests that the whole reason for season two was so that Will could be saved because both Will and the Mind Flayer know that 'if he was rescued, that piece of the Mind Flayer that possessed him would go with it.'

Take from that what you Will – get it? Still, if you don't quite believe the theory, just have a look back at season 4 and notice all those 'neck tingles' Will gets, maybe that piece of the Mind Flayer is still inside of him?

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