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Emma Thompson Opens Up On Whether She Shaved 'Down There' For Full Frontal Nude Scene

Emma Thompson Opens Up On Whether She Shaved 'Down There' For Full Frontal Nude Scene

Emma Thompson was asked for her thoughts on shaving pubic hair while discussing a nude scene in Good Luck To You, Leo Grande.

Emma Thompson has opened up about the topic of shaving pubic hair to promote her new film Good Luck To You, Leo Grande. Watch below.

The 63-year-old Academy Award winning actress was asked by BBC Woman’s Hour host Emma Barnett about how she prepared for full frontal nude scenes in the critically acclaimed sex-themed drama.

Thankfully, Emma was totally up for a conversation about pubes and ‘the demise of the full bush’ in the media.

She admitted that she ‘regrets’ having shaved ‘the full thing, years and years and years ago’ because it didn’t grow back to Emma’s liking.

What followed is an extremely interesting conversation about shaving pubes, armpits and legs and how culture has defined what is deemed ‘ok’ for women to shave.

Emma Thompson discussed preparing for nude scenes.

The new film tells the story of Nancy Stokes, a 55-year-old retired widow (played by Thompson) who decides to reinvent her life by hiring a much younger male sex worker, played by the Irish actor, Daryl McCormack. 

Good Luck to You, Leo Grande was directed by Sophie Hyde and written by Katy Brand and premiered at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival in January to rave reviews.

Emma Thompson in Love Actually.

Sexual awakening in film and television are often conveyed as stories for young people however Good Luck to You, Leo Grande has been praised for completely going against this trope. 

Rotten Tomatoes has reported an approval rating of 97 per cent and the consensus reads: “Sexual awakening stories aren't in short supply, but Good Luck to You, Leo Grande proves you can still tell one with a refreshing - and very funny - spin”.

The sex scenes in the new film have led to conversations around sex scenes and on-set intimacy experts.

Speaking to ITV News ahead of the release of Good Luck To You, Leo Grande, the Love Actually star said the introduction of intimacy coordinators on film sets has led to less ‘tacky, puerile, peeping Tom-style b******.”

During rehearsals for the film, the cast and crew had conversations on a closed set about their bodies and how their relationship with their bodies ‘had changed over the years'.

This is definitely not a film to miss!

Good Luck to You, Leo Grande will be in UK cinemas from 17 June.

Featured Image Credit: BBC/Instagram

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