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Countdown Fans Defend Anne-Marie Imafidon Following Racist Backlash

Countdown Fans Defend Anne-Marie Imafidon Following Racist Backlash

Anne-Marie Imafidon will replace Rachel Riley on the show.

Countdown viewers were quick to hit back at racist comments and backlash aimed at mathematician Anne-Marie Imafidon, who has temporarily replaced Rachel Riley on the Channel 4 game show.

While Rachel is on maternity leave, the Stemettes CEO and former child prodigy is set to stand in as co-presenter on the beloved show for the next 60 episodes.

While most Countdown fanatics were over the moon to see Anne-Marie on their television screens, the math-whiz was also faced with some upsetting racist remarks.

Channel 4 announced last week that Anne-Marie would be standing in for Rachel Riley. (
Twitter/ @C4Countdown)

Thankfully, fans of the show were quick to gather around Anne-Marie, strongly defending her spot on the series alongside Anne Robinson and Susie Dent.

Lashing back at some of the nasty comments, followers of Anne-Marie listed out her number-crunching credentials, and praised the maths genius for her performance on Countdown so far.

Labour MP Dawn Butler was among the first to celebrate Anne-Marie's appointment as Rachel Riley's replacement, and was happy to come for any racist trolls who said otherwise.

Most Countdown fans were thrilled to see Anne-Marie join the team. (
Channel 4)

She wrote: "Do your research before assuming something negative based on the colour of a person's skin.

"@aimafidon is phenomenal!

"2 A-levels at 11, at 20 master's degree in mathematics and computer science from University of Oxford.

"There's more but I ain't got time."

One Countdown viewer targeted a thread of toxic commenters who had threatened to boycott the show, writing: "There is a whole list of people in this thread that are publicly stating they won't watch a show anymore due to a black person being hired. Racists now feel so comfortable in the UK that they don't even hide it anymore."

Other fans used their social media platforms to cheer on Anne-Marie, who has already done fantastic work as the latest addition to the Countdown team.


"Not all [heroes] wear capes," tweeted one supporter.

"It's so massive to see incredible women like Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon on a main TV channel. My maths isn't great but I'll be tuning in and brushing up my skills. Keep going! We're all behind you."

Another congratulated the Oxford graduate on becoming the first black woman on Countdown.


Overall, as far as the majority of fans are concerned, Anne-Marie is a brilliant addition to the show and we can't wait to see more of her on our television screens.

Tyla has reached out to Anne-Marie Imafidon and Countdown for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4

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