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Bridgerton Fans Are Just Realising Why Anthony Brings Kate Tulips

Bridgerton Fans Are Just Realising Why Anthony Brings Kate Tulips

Did you notice this call back to season one?

Bridgerton is the show everyone's been talking about since the second season dropped on Netflix at the end of March.

Since binge-watching - and then rewatching - the season, many eagle-eyed viewers have discovered easter eggs and hidden meanings in a number of scenes.

One such viewer took to Reddit after noticing that the scene where Anthony brings Kate tulips to propose after her riding accident was a callback to a scene in season one.

Anthony brings tulips as he plans to propose to Kate. (

In the second episode of season one Violet Bridgerton, Anthony's mother, is embroidering a decorative piece in anticipation of Daphne marrying the Duke of Hastings.

When Anthony asks his mother what she is doing she responds: "this is for Daphne - tulips. They symbolise passion."

Before adding: "Perhaps your bride would like some too."

And lo and behold when he goes to propose he brings tulips along with him - something that is notably absent from his earlier proposal to Edwina.

Violet originally suggested Anthony's bride should also like to receive tulips. (

Bridgerton's meaning of tulips isn't far from the truth. The flowers were have generally been thought of to represent perfect love.

Like many flowers, different coloured tulips can mean different things, with reds being associated with true love and purple with royalty.

The tulips Anthony brings to Kate appear to be a bouquet of pink, white and orange.

Pink represents caring and good wishes, a perfect choice for someone recovering form an accident.

Orange symbolise a sense of understanding and appreciation between two people, and their physical and spiritual connection.

While white tulips are a great way to apologise, representing forgiveness, respect, purity and honour.

Fans of the show have found many easter eggs and secret meanings in the new season (

Fans were thrilled to spot the connection between the show's two seasons, one posted to reddit saying "the symbolism in this show is insane!"

Others were quick to comment on other symbolism in that scene with one pointing out that Kate wears a number of dresses featuring tulip sleeves.

This isn't the only time the show uses flowers within its symbolism. Fans also recently figured out the sad meaning behind Hyacinth's name.

Bridgerton is available to watch on Netflix.

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