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And Just Like That: Sex And The City Fans Are All Saying This About Miranda

And Just Like That: Sex And The City Fans Are All Saying This About Miranda

Could this be on the cards for our favourite sharped-tongue lawyer?

After years of waiting, we finally know what the girls from Sex and the City are up to in the follow-up series, And Just Like That.

Now in their fifties, Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte (not Samantha – she’s in the UK after Kim Cattrall quit the franchise) are navigating life and love in New York – but while their friendship has stayed strong, some things have hugely changed.

Miranda is certainly...different in the new series (

For one thing, Big has died (shortly after an intense work out on a Peloton), and Carrie has pivoted from writing to podcasting.

But it’s Miranda who has had the biggest change, with fans noticing Miranda’s growing penchant for alcohol.

Throughout the first two episodes of And Just Like That, viewers see Miranda guzzling back drinks; be it at 11am at Smith’s Bar (likely a nod to Smith Jerrod, Samantha’s former love interest), or glasses of Chablis at a child’s piano recital, or a strong whiskey at a funeral, Miranda always seemed to have a drink in her hand.

Miranda has been drinking more in the new series (

And fans are concerned that the writers of And Just Like That are lining up an alcoholism storyline for our favourite lawyer – who has also found herself struggling with her teenage son’s rampant sex life, and with the ‘woke’ students on her Master’s degree.

Taking to Twitter, one person wrote: “Beginning of the second episode and I know that they're leaning into a ‘Miranda becomes an alcoholic’ plot.”

A second added: “So Miranda’s an alcoholic? Got it.”

Miranda's boozing didn't go unnoticed (

“I know that folks have feelings about that Peloton-related death on And Just Like That but as a Miranda, I’m SEETHING about what they’re doing to a smart, accomplished, no-bulls*** woman,” a third person fumed. “Please, she would never be an alcoholic with verbal diarrhea. Justice for our prickly queen!”

“They are definitely going down the route of Miranda as a functional alcoholic,” a fourth said: “I wonder why she left her lawyer job?”

Others thought Miranda's drinking could be why she lost her job (

And a fifth said: “Are they trying to tell us that Miranda is an alcoholic… she’s depending on alcohol a little too much…”

Fingers crossed we get to see some happiness in store for Miranda later on this season…

And Just Like That airs on Sky Comedy and Now.

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