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And Just Like That: SATC Fans Shocked Over NSFW Bathroom Scene

And Just Like That: SATC Fans Shocked Over NSFW Bathroom Scene

Harry Goldenblatt…Charlotte’s one lucky lady.

If you’ve seen the most recent helping of And Just Like That, there’s probably only one thing you can talk about: Harry Goldenblatt.

The episode featured Charlotte Goldenblatt (played by Kristin Davis) try and get her husband to start looking after his health – particularly as Carrie’s husband Mr Big very suddenly died of a heart attack.

Things got steamy between Charlotte and Harry (

However, when she gave lawyer Harry a ring to monitor his health and wellbeing, she also decided to give him something else as well…

But as Harry dropped trou' and Charlotte readied herself on her knees, their steamy moment was interrupted by daughter Lily looking for something, seeing a panicked Charlotte slam the bathroom door in her face.

However, all people really noticed was just how…well endowed Harry was.

We’ve always thought Harry had BDE – now we know why.

Fans were shocked by what Harry was packing (

Other people quickly took to Twitter to share their surprise at the full-frontal nudity seen on screen.

“And Just Like That I need years of therapy after seeing Harry’s flaccid d***,” one person wrote.

A second agreed: “Finally caught up on And Just Like That...and just like that I have just two thoughts: Jesus Miranda, and JESUS HARRY!”

Harry's penis has burned a whole in our brains (

“Please tell me that wasn’t Harry’s real penis in And Just Like That episode 8. Please,” begged a third.

“And just like that. Harry I can’t ,” said a fourth.

And a fifth agreed: “And just like that, Harry was completely exposed … I can never get that image out my head now.”

Fans could not believe their eyes (

Actor Evan Handler, who plays the well-endowed Harry, was quick to join in the jokes about whether he really was packing such massive…talent.

Sharing a comment that read: “That was a prosthetic, right? I doubt it was Evan Handler’s real penis,” Evan joked: “A common topic of discussion back in my single years.”

Well…all we can say, lucky Charlotte, we guess?

Evan Handler laughed at the response (

Elsewhere in the episode, Miranda admitted her affair with Che Diaz, and chose to leave Steve to meet Che at the airport.

But will the mum-of-one get the happy ending she wants?

And Just Like That continues Thursdays on Sky Comedy and NOW.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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