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And Just Like That: SATC Fans Feel 'Betrayed' After Finding Out Where Carrie's Apartment Is

And Just Like That: SATC Fans Feel 'Betrayed' After Finding Out Where Carrie's Apartment Is

We couldn’t help but wonder…is that where Carrie really lives?

We’ve been hooked on And Just Like That since it hit screens in December, with the reboot of Sex and the City showing us how Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte are navigating their lives in their fifties.

The series has seen a lot of changes to the girl gang we used to regularly brunch with – the obvious being Samantha having left New York (Kim Cattrall did not want to take part in the reboot due to her well-documented feud with Sarah Jessica Parker).

Carrie's legendary flat has since had a makeover (

And there’s another major change we’re struggling to get round – Carrie’s apartment is not where we think it is.

While in the original Sex and the City series, we saw Carrie leaning out the window of her stunning one bedroom apartment, often to talk to dates out walking the streets of New York.

However, it seems the outside of her brownstone building is totally different now, as the official Instagram account for And Just Like That has revealed it was a façade.

This scene was shot on a sound stage (
Instagram- andjustlikethathbomax)

In a post shared with their 795,000 followers, the account revealed that the montage of Carrie writing her book about the death of her husband Mr Big was actually filmed in a studio – and fans could not believe it.

Taking to the comments, one person wrote: “Don’t break my heart lol,” while a second person agreed: “Omg I feel betrayed.”

“How could you!” said a third, adding a crying emoji for good measure.

“This kind of shattered my imagination,” chipped in a fourth person, and a fifth person added: “I didn’t want to know that.”

The interior of Carrie's flat has always been a soundstage (

We hate to break your hearts, but the interior of Carrie’s apartment has never actually been real.

At least five properties were used to create Carrie’s rustic, rough and ready one bed flat, with the set built and redesigned.

However, the famous stairs and double doors outside her apartment are real – and can be found on 66 Perry Street in New York City.

The shots of Carrie writing a book had to be shot in a studio to bring the CGI effects of changing seasons.

And just like that…the illusion of Carrie’s gorgeous apartment is shattered.

And Just Like That airs Thursdays on Sky Comedy and NOW.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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