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Charmed Actress Explains Why Her Kids Aren't Allowed To Watch The '90s Series

Charmed Actress Explains Why Her Kids Aren't Allowed To Watch The '90s Series

Alyssa Milano has explained why her two children aren't allowed to watch Charmed.

Charmed is one of the most beloved '90s dramas ever, and is still attracting new viewers today thanks to streaming and reruns.

However, two people in the world are officially banned from watching the supernatural series for the foreseeable future - Alyssa Milano's children.

Watch Alyssa explain why in the video below:

The actress, who portrayed Phoebe Halliwell aka one of the original cast members in the cult series, was asked by fans if her two children - Milo, 10 and Elizabella, seven - have seen the '90s classic.

People were shocked to learn that they aren't allowed to see their mum in action just yet.

Several of Alyssa’s followers agreed with her reasoning, with one fan writing: “Well said Alyssa...well done!”

Another fan, who watched Charmed when they were agreed. They said: “Lmao I love Charmed and I used to watch it with my grandma every morning before school loved it and love you Alyssa and ya not a show for kids”

Another TikTok user shared: “I love that you care about how your kids view your work!”

Alyssa Milano played Phoebe Halliwell in Charmed. (

While someone else wrote: “I can completely understand that. Maybe when they're in their teens or older. But I completely understand why they haven't yet”.

And one fan shared: "So cute. I feel the same about watching Charmed with my daughter but can’t wait until I can."

However, lots of people in the comments said they were watching Charmed when they were the same age as Alyssa's youngest child.

“Charmed is by far my favourite show! I was watching it when I was 7," said one fan in the comments.

Alyssa said her children aren't allowed to watch Charmed yet. (

In another comment, a Charmed fan said the series was a 'childhood favourite'.

"I still rewatch it all the time!” they gushed.

And some parents said they let their own children watch the show. One person typed: “My 7yr old LOVES Charmed! she always asks to watch 'the 3 sisters show'".

Alyssa has previously spoken about the wardrobe choices on Charmed and critiqued the "sexualisation of women's bodies" in the '90s in an interview with ET.

"When I think about the ' watch reruns of Charmed, and I'm running around in like a bra and underwear for 80 percent of every episode," she said.

"We had to be scantily clad in order for that show to be a hit."

When is the right time to start watching Charmed?

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