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Olivia And Alex Bowen In Stitches After She Asks Intimate Pregnancy Question

Olivia And Alex Bowen In Stitches After She Asks Intimate Pregnancy Question

Alex was not amused.

Alex and Olivia Bowen are expecting their first child and they shared a very intimate pregnancy question on Instagram - and they couldn't stop laughing.

Watch Alex's reaction to Olivia's pregnancy question below:

Olivia, 28, asked her husband Alex, 30, whether he thinks its common for husbands with pregnant wives to help shave their "noonie". Alex's reaction is so hilarious we can't stop watching.

The 2016 Love Island stars announced they were expecting their first child in January this year.

On New Year’s Day, Olivia posted on Instagram to announce she was pregnant, sharing a post of baby booties and a onesie for their new arrival.

She also shared a collection of videos showing her telling loved ones that she’s expecting.

“We are so unbelievably overflowing with love,” Olivia wrote in the post. “It’s so hard to find the words to describe anything right now!

“We could not be more thankful, grateful and appreciative of every single one of your messages. I am reading through them all again and again wondering how we got so lucky to be so loved and cared for by so many people. It’s just so much more than we could ever of expected [sic].

The pair announced their happy news on New Year (

“It was the most magical feeling seeing all of our most cherished faces light up at the news of our Baby Bowen.”

The couple have been keeping their followers updated as they transform their home ahead of their new arrival. Two days after their announced the pregnancy, Alex shared a sweet birthday tribute for the mum-to-be.

Alex wrote: “Happy birthday to the most amazing beautiful wife and mommy to be.

“Literally mean everything and more to me! I know that you can’t drink on your birthday so looks like it’s milk and snacks by the fire in Lake District for a few days! I love you.”

Olivia asked her question about shaving after the pair shared a post in which the former Love Island stars plugged a brand of personalised razors.

Baby Bowen will arrive later this year (

The footage that accompanied the post shows Alex doting on his wife by making her a cup of tea and shaving her legs, which is much harder now that she's pregnant.

An Instagram user joked in the comments: "So cute!!! Can he come shave my legs".

And one woman tagged her partner and said: "need to step your game up".

We can't wait to see baby Bowen!

Featured Image Credit: Olivia Bowen/Instagram

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