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Woman slammed as 'inconsiderate' after draping hair over back of plane chair

Woman slammed as 'inconsiderate' after draping hair over back of plane chair

"The joy of travelling."

Though the 'screaming kids on a plane' debate continues, one thing I think we can all agree is that no one wants someone else's hair in their coffee.

But clearly, the woman in this story didn't get the memo.

She has been slammed as 'inconsiderate' over a now-viral video showing her draping her long locks over the back of her plane seat.

Unfortunately for fellow passenger Julie Christensen, this meant she had hair all over her folding table, with some strands practically reaching into her coffee cup.

Christensen, who runs a solo travel TikTok page, shared a clip of the hairy situation with text that reads: "I wish this was staged."

She also added the caption: "The joy of travelling #omgjustdont #pleasedont #lol #traveletiquette."

It's nearly as bad as the people who get their digits out mid-flight for no apparent reason.

The video has amassed a whopping six million views at the time of writing, as well as thousands of comments from horrified viewers.

As said by one TikToker: "People just forget how to act the second they step foot into an airport."

"This would irritate me so much," said another, while a third added, "Some people have no consideration."

A fourth chimed in: "The nerve on some people... she doesn’t want her hair to touch the seat."

Coffee with a splash of hair.

Others shared their solidarity with Christensen, having faced similar scenarios in the past.

"I had the same thing once! She kept flicking it about," said one. "I asked her to stop and she acted as if I was crazy and making it up."

A second commented: "This has happened to me! I asked her (teenager) not to, she kept doing it so I told her mum. Mum scoffed at me. So I asked the staff, she stopped."

And then there were those who drummed up various forms of revenge, including this person who suggested: "Close your table and let her try and move."

"Just start dunking the hair into the drink," said another, while a third simply wrote: "Scissors."


Well, if you ever find yourself in a similar situation, you know what to do... joking aside, it's probably best to speak to a flight attendant before whacking the scissors out.

On the plus side, it looks like Christensen was on a short-haul flight as there were no TVs on the back of the chairs.

Could you imagine trying to watch Bridesmaids while someone's shaking their locks all over your screen?

That's exactly what happened to a traveller named Adam Butler - although thankfully, the perpetrator in this case was understanding about it.

Sometimes it's just an honest mistake.

Featured Image Credit: @julie.b.christensen/TikTok

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