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Woman left furious after claiming bar told her to 'cover up' because of her bikini

Woman left furious after claiming bar told her to 'cover up' because of her bikini

Naomi Tibbles was apparently told by the Australian island bar that she needed to 'cover up' or leave

An OnlyFans model has claimed that she was told to ‘cover up’ at a beachside bar because of the bikini she was wearing. You can see her explaining the situation in the video below:

Naomi Tibbles was let furious after the security guard at the bar allegedly told her that the place was a ‘family establishment’ and her thong bikini – worn underneath some crocheted trousers – was not suitable, meaning she’d have to either change or leave.

Tibbles took to TikTok – try saying that fast – to explain the situation to her fans.

She explained how she’d travelled for a bit of a mental health retreat to North Stradbroke Island off the coast of Brisbane, Australia.

There, she’d walked around the island for about three kilometres before stopping off at the beach bar for a drink.

Naomi was clearly p***ed off about it.

The 28-year-old said: "I'm there for about 15 to 20 minutes and a security guard came up and talked to me,

"I knew that they were talking about me because they kept watching me and radioing each other.

"Turns out he wants to talk about what I am wearing - first thing the security guard says to me is 'we have a dress code, you are not allowed to wear thongs here'."

That could be confusing, given that Aussies tend to call what we’d call flip-flops ‘thongs’.

Anyway, they weren’t talking about her feet.

After that, she panned the camera around to show off what she was wearing.

Here's the outfit.

It’s a bikini and some crocheted trousers, as we’ve already established.

She continued: "I said to him 'do they look like thongs' then he tells me 'we're [a] family establishment'.

"Yeah cool, and yet I'm sitting at a bar where no children is allowed and the only two children that I see are all the way on the other end of a restaurant, which I'm not in.

"And this man asks if I have anything to cover myself, I say 'no I don't actually because I'm on an island and I was just at the beach."

Naomi wasn't happy with the bar's security staff.

Then, at the end of her video she pulled out a pink sex toy, joking about how she would actually get into big trouble if she’d produced that in the beach bar.

Anyway, the viewers were behind her, with many agreeing that the bar’s dress policy was too strict, especially given that it’s a beach bar.

One said: "This is wild, being steps away from the beach.

“Who wears anything but swimwear at Straddie full stop?"

Another commented: "I'd be wearing less if I had your body."

A third wrote: "Bloody hell! And they call themselves a beach hotel?"

Featured Image Credit: naomitibbles/Instagram

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