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Tesco Are Now Selling Disney Luggage

Tesco Are Now Selling Disney Luggage

Everything with Minnie Mouse on it is a must have!

Disney fans who are looking to upgrade their luggage can now buy Minnie Mouse themed suitcases at Tesco - and they're adorable.

The luggage collection is made by American Tourister and measures 67cm.

The Minnie Mouse suitcase is available to buy from Tesco (
American Tourist)

There are four wheels - one at each corner- to make transporting all your clothes and souvenirs easy.

A large picture of Minnie is emblazoned on the front with the words 'hey girl' on one version while another suitcase sold at Tesco is baby blue and features lots of small pictures of Mickey and Minnie printed on the outside.

To keep your luggage secure the suitcase has a fixed three digit combi lock. It also has zippers, top and side handles on the outside. 

There are two Minnie Mouse options available to buy at Tesco (
American Tourist)

Inside there are bottom and top compartments as well as pockets to keep all your stuff secure.

The suitcases can be purchased for £80 in store and if you own a clubcard they can be yours for only £40.

Humans aren't the only ones who can treat themselves to new Disney merch. Primark has just dropped a Mickey Mouse pet bed, and it's the perfect way to show your adoration for everyone's favourite cartoon mouse and your pooch.

The cosy looking bed is black and red just like Mickey and is adorned with his instantly recognisable smiling face. It has and has red velvet sleeves that are decorated to look like Mickey's dungarees while the seat has been made to resemble his belly.

Primark also has a range of Disney items on sale (

The best part is when your pooch takes a lie down on the chair it'll look like Mickey's giving it a cuddle. This is the cutest thing ever.

You can buy the pet bed for £15 online and in store.

The pet bed joins an already bustling range of Disney animal goods on sale in Primark, including £5 harnesses in pink or grey, adorned with Mickey's face and an alternative pink or grey Mickey Mouse themed pet bed (£15).

You can also treat your pet to a Mickey Mouse pet lead and collar (£5) - also in pink or grey.

Whether you're going on holiday or planning a cosy night in with your pup, now is a great time to be a Disney fan!

Featured Image Credit: American Tourister

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