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New Disney cruise ship will set sail next year and it looks magical inside

New Disney cruise ship will set sail next year and it looks magical inside

Setting sail next year, the Disney Treasure cruise ship is seriously magical with Aladdin, Star Wars and Marvel themed rooms.

It’s the happiest place on Earth now Disney is set to sail the seven seas.

The House of Mouse has launched a new cruise ship, which will be touring the Caribbean in 2024.

If that weren’t enough to fill you with childish wonder, The Disney Treasure will feature rooms themed on Marvel, Star Wars and Aladdin on this seriously magical cruise liner.

You can set sail on this magical cruise liner next year.
Disney Cruise Lines

Sailing from Port Canaveral, Florida, the ship will embark on its maiden voyage on next December with a seven-night cruise around the Caribbean.

Whilst you might not be able to come aboard The Disney Treasure just yet, Mickey Mouse fans will be able to book holidays later this month.

Even more excitingly, the cruise liner has been described as Disney’s ‘palace’ on the seas, with a huge assortment of rooms and onboard amenities.

Holidaymakers will be able to experience a whole new world with an Aladdin-themed Grand Hall, complete with peacock feathers, scarab beetles and magic lamps.

Action heroes can dine alongside Spidey and the Avengers.
Disney Cruise Lines

The magic continues inside with the Agrabah Suite and Rajah Royal Suite also based on the iconic Disney film, as well as the Jungle Book-inspired rooms Bagheera Royal Suite.

If you can’t take the heat though, you can always sleep in the Ecopt Tower and Tomorrow Tower suites – which are based on the classic theme park rides.

There is also the Periscope Pub which has been also inspired by Disney World, which helps holidaymakers take a dip in the deep blue without ever getting their feet wet.

Meanwhile, action heroes can visit the World of Marvel restaurant where they can dine alongside Spiderman and the Avengers.

There’s even a second Coco-theme restaurant and Zootopia-themed dessert shop, Jumbeaux's Sweets, onboard this epic cruise liner.

There is even a boat ride onboard!
Disney Cruise Lines

For adults needing to get far far away from their little ones, there is the Star Wars Cargo Bay which caters for kids.

There will also be the Marvel Superhero Academy, Imagineering Lab and Fairytale Hall for kids to explore, as well as Vibe and Edge for teens and tweens.

Just like at Disneyworld, there’s no shortage of rides and shows as you explore the huge cruise ship.

In fact, you’ll get to be their guest as you take a ‘Broadway-style’ Beauty and the Beast show and Lion King-themed venue, Sarabi, with adult-only shows after dark!

If you’re still not tired out after all that, you can check the AquaMouse Ride which features a new story with Mickey and Minne.

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Featured Image Credit: Disney Cruise Lines

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