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Disney is making it cheaper for families to visit theme parks

Disney is making it cheaper for families to visit theme parks

Get your Mickey ears at the ready!

We all know that any family trip can come with a load of hidden extra costs but, lucky for any Disney lovers out there, they can now rock up to the world-famous theme parks for a fraction of the price.

The Walt Disney Company (DIS) has announced it will be making it cheaper for families to visit its iconic Disneyland and Disney World theme parks after offering special discounted ticket pricing for children.

The exciting new promotion is set to launch later this month and targets little ones aged three to nine - basically the exact age group who are probably most stoked for a Disney-themed trip.

The Walt Disney Company is launching new discounts for families.
Joshua Sudock/Walt Disney World Resorts via Getty Images

The idea is that the promotional kids' tickets will pull in more punters and increase park attendance after it was found that the parks suffered a noticeable decline in attendance and hotel occupancy.

That coupled with the good ol' cozzie livs and all the nightmare inflation that follows it means that holiday price-tags have completely sky-rocketed for families looking for a getaway that won't totally blow the bank.

Starting in a few weeks (24 October), Disneyland California will offer children who fit the age requirements tickets at a starting price of just $50 (around 40 quid).

Such tickets will be valid for use between January 8 and March 10 of next year, the company said.

And it's not just the Golden State that will be seeing a price slash.

Disney is offering $50 tickets for children aged between 3-9.
AaronP/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

From next month (14 November), Disney World in Orlando, Florida, reportedly offers a cushty 50 percent discount on children's tickets and dining plans by purchasing a four-day, four-night vacation package at one of its resorts.

This particular deal can be used for tickets purchased from 3 March through to 30 June next week.

The news comes after one woman was in for the shock of her life after forking out thousands upon thousands in just one day at Disney World.

We all know that any given family trip can come with a load of hidden extra costs but one mum really took her holiday spending to the next level.

One mum revealed she spent thousands in a single day at Disney World.

Mum Summer Reign Herring took to TikTok to share the eye-watering cost of a single family day out, telling her 1.7 million followers the whole ordeal was 'robbery in broad daylight'.

After factoring in the price rundown of day's escapades - which included $870 (£716) Lightning Lane passes and tickets, a $223 (£184) fry-up breakfast and $800 (£658) lightsabers - the mum's total cost was a staggering $3,758 (£3,092).

Tyla has reached out to Disney for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Joshua Sudock/Walt Disney World Resorts via Getty Images/AaronP/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

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