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The Full English Breakfast Is Dying Out, According To Experts

The Full English Breakfast Is Dying Out, According To Experts

Modern Brits favour avocado on toast and salmon rather than a fry-up.

Aneira Davies

Aneira Davies

The idea of having a Full English Breakfast is often what gets us out of bed after a night out, but it could now be a thing of the past according to new research.

Yes, that's right. In food and drink news we're not quite sure we're ready for, it appears we could soon lose the iconic British meal as the Full English Breakfast could die out within a generation.

In new research commissioned by online polling firm Ginger Research this month, one in five Brits under 30 have never eaten a fry-up.

A whopping 17 per cent of UK residents haven't had the joy of eating fried eggs and sausages to clear up a hangover, despite it being on the menu since Victorian times.

So why are modern Brits turning their nose up at a traditional fry-up? It's all in the pudding, apparently.

Is the Full English as we know it dying out? (

A resounding 27 per cent of the 2,000 people polled said that black pudding was the most unappealing part of the traditional fry-up, closely followed by the amount of grease on everything, at 24 per cent.

Of those polled, 27 per cent were also not fans of the builders tea that often accompanies the Full English, though we'd argue that that's optional anyway.

Other reasons Brits are put off by an English Breakfast include burnt fried eggs, overcooked bacon and processed sausages, while lukewarm baked beans was also a turn-off.

Meanwhile, the meal was considered a relatively unhealthy breakfast option for those asked.

A staggering 20 per cent of health-conscious Brits associated fry-ups with heart attacks and a further 20 per cent linked the breakfast meal to obesity, while 33 per cent of people asked associated the meal with Brits abroad.

Most Brits under 30 now prefer a more health-conscious breakfast with their morning cuppa (

When asked what their ideal choice of breakfast would be, scrambled eggs and salmon came out top, at 71 per cent, closely followed by the millennials' choice of smashed avocado on rye bread, at 70 per cent, and oatmeal pancakes, at 69 per cent.

Ellie Glason, Director of Ginger Research, said the full English could soon become a thing of the past, "due to the health concerns of younger Britons."

She added: "In fact, according to the results, avocado, scrambled eggs, salmon and oatmeal pancakes are replacing the humble fry-up in the nation's hearts."

"The study found also that over half of young adults believe Britain is becoming more health conscious and shunning traditional English meals like fried breakfasts, bangers and mash and pie and chips."

So, would you favour avocado on toast over the humble fry-up?

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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