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Strawberry Freddos Finally Launch In The UK

Strawberry Freddos Finally Launch In The UK

This is not a drill.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

PSA: Strawberry Freddos are now officially available to buy in the UK.

Yep, if the nostalgic frog-shaped chocolate bar wasn't enough of a treat, you can now also grab a fruity variation in your local B&M.

Made of Cadbury's milk chocolate with a delicious soft strawberry centre, the tasty snacks have been available in Australia for years, but they now have some shelf space over here, too.

The good news is, you can stock up, too. B&M is selling the chocolate bars in packs of 12, for just £2.99.

We would have said that was pretty good value, considering they're imported from across the world, until we remembered that Freddos used to cost 10p back in the Nineties...

Grab Strawberry Freddos in the UK, now (

Despite the steep climb in price, when the chocolate snacks were flagged on foodie Instagram account, @KevsSnackReviews, people were quick to flock and express their excitement.

"Need to try these," wrote one person, tagging their friends in the comments.

As another replied: "Taking a trip soon".

A third, concurred, as they penned: "Going back to B&M AGAIN!!!! Seriously".

Freddos have had a fruity makeover (

B&M really has provided the goods of late, with tonnes of imports from across the seas landing on shelves for the first time.

Another new arrival is the Dairy Milk Neapolitan chocolate bar. Though not yet listed on the site, the popular bar takes its inspiration from the Neapolitan ice cream.

Made up of three yummy flavours, including milk chocolate, white chocolate and strawberry-flavoured chocolate, you can shop the treat in B&M stores now.

The Dairy Milk Neapolitan is made up of delicious milk, white and strawberry flavoured chocolate (

The Neapolitan joins other fan favourite chocolate bars, including the Dairy Milk Top Deck, a yummy milk and white chocolate bar, and the Crispy Mint Creme bar.

B&M really is upping its confectionary game, lately. Who needs to go on holiday when you can now find all of these awesome snacks in the UK?

We know where we're going on our next shopping trip...

Featured Image Credit: Cadbury

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