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KitKat Mini Eggs Are Launching

KitKat Mini Eggs Are Launching


Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

In very exciting chocolate news, KitKat is launching their own version of mini eggs - and they sound utterly delicious.

While there's currently very little information on the new treats, it's believed they'll be launching as part of the brand's Easter range, with John's Snack Reviews estimating they'll be in store in December.

Posting an image of the mouthwatering mini eggs, they wrote: "NEW Kit Kat Mini Eggs! Coming Soon for the Easter 2021 Range!

"These are available for retailers now. But probably won't appear till December."

The delectable eggs feature a creamy centre, jam-packed with crunchy wafer pieces and coated in a thick, milk chocolate shell.

The sooner these arrive on supermarket shelves the better, if you ask us!

And social media users seem to agree, with one writing: "Omg these look amazing."

While another said: "Honeycomb kitkats and now these?! KitKat hitting form."

Meanwhile one fan added: "A dream come true!"

Tyla has reached out to Nestle for more details and as soon as we hear anything, you'll be the first to know!

In other important chocolate news, Maltesers is launching orange chocolate bunnies.

Maltesers is launching orange chocolate bunnies (

First spotted on Instagram via @kevssnackreviews, Maltesers later confirmed the zesty chocolate treats will be launching in time for Easter next year, and while we're gutted they're not ready for us to scoff right now, we are convinced they will be worth the wait.

Individually wrapped and filled with a creamy and crunchy centre, the Maltesers bunny is the third most popular treat during the Easter season - and we reckon these will be just as popular!

Featured Image Credit: Flickr

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