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People Are Making Neapolitan Milkshakes At McDonald's

People Are Making Neapolitan Milkshakes At McDonald's


Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

We love a secret McDonald's order, and one woman on TikTok has come up with the best ever - a Neopolitan milkshake made from chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.

Yup, not only does it sound mega tasty, but it looks incredible too. You can check out a video of how to create it below:

In the clip, the TikTok user, @melika_zaidi, explained how to assemble the milkshake using a spare cup.

"We went to McDonald's to try the Neapolitan milkshake," she said.

"You HAVE to try this. Get a strawberry, chocolate and vanilla milkshake. First add the chocolate milkshake, trust the process. The add the strawberry on top, finally the vanilla to finish.

"OMG that blend. Amazing, tastes just like the ice cream. This is a golden globe winning beverage."

And it looks so good - a perfect blend of all the different milkshakes in one.

She added all three flavours into one cup (

Other users were mega impressed with the idea, with some suggesting adding banana in there too.

One wrote: "I really want to try this wow."

While another said: "I've been saying Maccies should do this for years."

Meanwhile others claimed McDonald's actually do make them like this if you ask them to - and our minds are blown.

We are definitely ordering this next time.

We are so ordering this (credit: TikTok/@melika_zaidi)
We are so ordering this (credit: TikTok/@melika_zaidi)

The TikToker recently shared her McDonald's food order - and other users were so shocked they called it 'illegal'.

"You haven't lived until you've combined a mayo chicken with a double cheeseburger," the video explains.

In the clip, she can be seen taking a mayo chicken and a double cheeseburger and combining them together to making a huge chicken and beef concoction.

And TikTok has a lot of thoughts on it.

Is it weird that we really want to try it?! You can read all about that here.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@melika_zaidi

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