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Giant Mickey Mouse-Shaped Doughnuts Are Now In Existence

Giant Mickey Mouse-Shaped Doughnuts Are Now In Existence

Everyone loves a doughnut. You might be a glazed, sprinkled, or jam-filled kinda person, but there's one thing we can all agree on: we are game for a humungous Mickey Mouse-shaped one covered in sprinkles.

Yes, Walt Disney World Resort are now selling the delectable creations, called the 'Mickey Celebration Donut', and park-goers have been sharing photos of them on social media ever since.


Just look how beautiful they are...

Disney Food Blog, the authority on all Disney foods, reports that the doughnuts are so big they come in pizza boxes. PIZZA BOXES. One reviewer concurred about the size saying they were bigger than her hand.


Reviewing the treat, DFB said: "You can certainly see they're pretty - but how do they taste? Pretty darn delicious! It's a yeast donut with tasty frosting that tastes, a donut! But a very good donut at that."

Adding: "We saw plenty of families sharing them which we would certainly recommend because it's so big!"

Disney Food Blog also compared it to the Joffrey doughnut, introduced by Donut King, a month earlier.

If you're interested, DFB gave the Joffrey doughnut the edge, saying: "Well, flavor-wise - we have to give the edge to Joffrey's. That thing is just so light and soft, it's really hard to beat. Size-wise, the Mickey Celebration Donut is probably more donut real estate.

"The center section of the Mickey Donut is just a touch smaller than the Joffrey's Donut - but you get those two ears. Plus the Mickey Celebration Donut is so darn cute, you really can't lose either way!"

As for flavours, they come in chocolate, vanilla or strawberry, so there's something for everyone.

But where can you get hold of them? Well the doughnuts aren't actually available park-wide, instead you'll have to scout them out in The Lunching Pad in Tomorrowland, and at Cheshire Café in Fantasyland.

They'll set you back £7.60 ($9.58) if you happen to be visiting the park. But you'll have to be quick, they're only available 30th June.

Enough reason to book a flight to the US today, we reckon.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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Ciara is a freelance journalist working for Tyla. After graduating from the University of Sussex, Ciara worked as a writer at GLAMOUR Magazine and later as the Assistant Editor of Yahoo Style UK.


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