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Festive Clementine Diet Coke Is Here To Make All Your Christmas Dreams Come True

Festive Clementine Diet Coke Is Here To Make All Your Christmas Dreams Come True

A new festive treat is in-store for lovers of the fizzy drink.

Lisa McLoughlin

Lisa McLoughlin

Christmas is known for its festive cheer, Santa Claus and perhaps one too many boozy nights out - but all that's about to change as Coca Cola have announced a new festive clementine flavoured Diet Coke.

Over the years, the soft drinks giant has branched out into all kinds of variations of its beloved fizzy drink, which includes ginger and lime, mango, blood orange and cherry.

And now they have a created a special limited-edition Christmas Diet Coke for fans, which will be available to buy from mid-October nationwide.

The new festive flavour will be available in 500ml and 1.25ml bottles so fizzy drink lovers can enjoy the clementine addition to their heart's content.

Like all Diet Coke versions, the new flavour contains no calories and no sugar, and its ingredients mean it's suitable for vegetarians.

Coca Cola

Speaking about the new addition, Kris Robbens, Marketing Director at Coca-Cola Great Britain told PRETTY52: "For current fans of the brand who love new flavours and those who are looking for something new during the festive season, we're excited to announce the launch of a new limited-edition flavour, Diet Coke Clementine.

"Full of festive flavour and with no sugar, it's the perfect drink for the lead up to Christmas."

Clementines have long been associated with the festive season as they're traditionally found in Christmas stockings.

Coca Cola

They are a symbol of charity and giving as well as a reminder to care for others who are in need and less fortunate than you.

In April, the zero-calorie beverage also launched their Twisted Strawberry flavour, which joined Diet Coke's other fruity options like Exotic Mango and Fiesty Cherry.

And it's not only Diet Coke that got a fruity makeover in recent years but also the original Coca Cola drink, which comes in Cherry and Vanilla flavours.

Diet Coke launched their Twisted Strawberry flavour in April.
Coca Cola

Is it too early to wish it was Christmas?

Featured Image Credit: Coca Cola

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